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March – Raise and Give Month


Each year we host a RAG week (Raise and Give week) to raise money for our chosen charity.  These always consist of a number of fun charity events over the week. Our chosen charity this year was Time Is Precious. Time is Precious works with children in hospitals to support them with end of life care. The aim of Time is Precious is to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for the children and their families in the hard times and to help purchase specialist equipment to make their lives more comfortable, because time is precious especially at times like these.


A team meeting was held on the 9th of March where the SU team decided what events they were going to do for the week, to raise money. The final ideas were; a cake sale, gunk the SU, sponsored cycle, pie your teacher and street collections. Then the real planning begun! what days to hold the events and the dreaded risk assessments.


Monday was pie your teacher and this was so much fun, getting revenge for all the course work students have been set.


Tuesday was a mass pool game event, trick shots galore.


Wednesday was the street collection with Peppa and George pig.  This raised the most amount of all the event over the week. Everyone that took part was in fancy dress Mario, Dory the grim reaper and Pikachu joined in to raise money around the streets of Bath.


Thursday was the best day by far, gunk the SU. Depending on how much you raised would decide how bad the gunk was, if you raised the least you were sure to get the nasty bucket.


Friday was the bake sale which was a calm and welcome end to the week.


Overall the week raised over £250 for Time as Precious to add to the fundraising we did last year.