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  • 1. I/we agree to be responsible for the registration of all course fees, as outlined in College literature, in respect of the above named student for the session 2021-22.

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  • Student registration/enrolment conditions in respect of Employer Sponsored Students

    1. The College reserves the right to alter course programmes, tutors, fees or venues without prior notice provided such alteration shall not substantially affect the course content or qualification and such alteration shall not entitle the participant to any refund of course fees paid or other compensation.

    2. The College reserves the right to cancel or rearrange courses or classes at their discretion in which case the College liability shall be restricted to a refund of any fees paid to the College. In the event of cancellation of courses or classes for a reason outside of the control of the College, the College shall be under no obligation to provide any refund. In the event of any refund being made it shall be a gratuitous payment made without obligation or liability. The College will make no repayment or reduction of fee if student withdraws from the course.

    3. An alternative student may be substituted at any time prior to the date of commencement of the course provided the Course Leader is advised in writing in advance and provided the substitute satisfies the requirements of any entry criteria.

    4. The copyright in all material provided by Bath College shall (unless expressly stated or otherwise) remain vested in the College and may not be reproduced without the College’s specific written consent. The Copyright of any work produced by the student as part of the course, shall remain with the College and work may be retained at the discretion of the College.

    5. The contents of the course are believed to be correct and to reflect the current state of the knowledge; however the accuracy is not guaranteed and the College accepts no liability for any inaccurate information which is provided.

    6. The College shall accept no liability for fee reimbursement/dispute resolution in the event of the student leaving the employment of the Sponsor.