Global agents

Information for students

Making an application is not always an easy process, and you might want some advice and support to make sure you complete the application correctly. An educational agent in your country may be able to help.

Choosing an agent

When you are choosing an agent to help you, there are a number of things you might want to consider.

  • Do some research yourself about the University of Bath and the International Foundation Year, so you know what questions to ask and what information will be needed in the application process.
  • Speak to more than one agent, then you can compare the information you get from them.
  • Ask about the services they provide apart from managing the application process. For example, can they also help with official translations of documents if necessary? Do they provide support through the visa application process?
  • Ask about the agent’s experience with helping students who want to study on an international foundation year in the UK. Have they worked with the University of Bath International Foundation Year before?
  • Ask about any fees that will be charged for extra services.
  • Before you sign any documents, ask a family member or friend to help you check them.

Ask friends and colleagues for agents they have found to be helpful and efficient. You can also check for your country on the British Council website for agents who have been trained by the British Council, and on the University of Bath website to find agents who represent the University of Bath.  


The job of an educational agent is:

  • to give you accurate information and advice about the University of Bath International Foundation Year
  • to advise you about the course of study which is most suitable to your interests and ability
  • to guide you through the application process
  • to help you with your visa application, if they are qualified to do so
  • to answer any questions about the IFY

Information for agents

We work with many educational agents around the world, and we are happy to receive applications for the International Foundation Year from agents. Our International Officers make regular trips abroad to meet agents and students, so please let us know if you would like us to visit your offices. Also, if you are visiting the UK, do come to see us and we will be pleased to show you around our colleges.

Our agents are very important to us. You have the knowledge to guide your applicants to the appropriate course for their interests and abilities, and you help us to reach potential students we could not otherwise reach. If you would like more information on our programme to assist you in guiding your students, please contact us.

How to ensure a successful result for your clients

  • Make sure the application form is fully completed. We need all the information on the form so we can start processing the application, so please check to make sure no parts have been missed out. If everything is included, we can process the application very quickly.
  • Check the personal statement. This is section 6 of the application form, and is a very important part of the application pack. It is essential that the statement fully answers the specific questions about the International Foundation Year in this section of the form: Why have you chosen the Bath International Foundation Year and the University of Bath? Why have you chosen your target degree? What are your future plans after university? What other information can you tell us about yourself to support your application?
  • Check that the academic level meets our entry requirements. 
  • Check that the English level meets our language requirements. This is an intensive, high-level programme involving research, presentations, assignments and reports in English, and students need a high level of English in order to be successful.
  • Make sure all the supporting documents are included. If any information is missing, for example, if the student will not take IELTS until next month, or has just applied for a new passport, please tell us.

Please note that we only have a limited number of places for some degree choices, and we receive a large number of applications, so the places fill up quickly.

There is no specific deadline for applications, and we continue to take applications until the places are full.

New agents

If you are not registered with us as an agent, but you have a student who is interested in the University of Bath International Foundation Year, you can still send us the application for review, if it meets our minimum requirements. We can then follow up by sending an Agent Profile Form for you to complete.