Pre-arrival preparation

Take some time to make sure you have prepared everything you need, and this will ensure a smooth entry into the UK and start to your International Foundation Year. Here are some things to think about.

Prepare documents

Make sure you have all the relevant documents you might need, and that you have them in your hand  luggage. You will need to bring the originals of the documents you used for your application (eg IELTS certificate, school transcripts and certificates) to show the college that you meet the minimum requirements for the programme. You may also need to show these at Immigration when you arrive in the UK. It is also useful to have your offer letter in your hand luggage in case you need to show it at Immigration.

Full payment of fees

Check to make sure that you have paid the full tuition fee. You must pay this tuition fee before arriving at the college to start the International Foundation Year. If you have not paid the full fee, you will not be able to enrol or attend classes. It is also possible that visa sponsorship will be withdrawn.

Get UK currency

It can take some time to open a bank account in the UK, so it is best to have some UK currency for situations such as paying for transport from the airport, and any other expenses during your first few days at college.


It is wise to take out travel insurance to cover your luggage during your journey. You might also want to consider contents insurance to protect your belongings while you are in the UK.

Inform the college of your arrival details

As soon as you know your arrival details (date, time, flight number, arrival airport), please inform the college.


Remember that you will probably have to carry your luggage at some point during your journey, so practise beforehand and make sure that your bags are not too heavy or too big to lift.

Transport from airport

If you need the college to arrange transport from the airport to your accommodation, be sure to inform us well in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements for you.


Make sure you have the contact details of your accommodation in your hand luggage, and that you have informed the college of your arrival details. You should also make sure that your accommodation costs have been paid, where appropriate.

Immigration control

You may be asked some questions at Immigration to make sure that you are a genuine student. This is nothing to worry about, but you should be prepared to answer questions about the college (Where is Bath College? How big is it? How did you find out about the International Foundation Year?) and the course (How long is your course? What is it called? What will you study? What will you do after the course?).

Police registration

Most visa holders must register with the police within a certain number of days after arrival. Please check your visa in your passport to see if this applies to you. We will show you where the local police station is, and how much it will cost to register. You will also need to take 2 passport photos.



Make sure your passport and visa are in order, and that you carry your passport safely during the trip from home to college.


Emergency contact number

We will give you an emergency contact phone number in case there is any problem during your trip, or at immigration. Please make sure that you keep this number in your hand luggage.




Passport-sized photos

You will need several passport-sized photographs for police registration, discount cards, etc, so it is useful to get these before you arrive.