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Bath Care Academy is a training centre that delivers Health & Social Care education & training in an environment designed to replicate clinical & community care.
The Bath Care Academy network is a group that comprises of representatives from a broad range of Health and Social Care employers, and sector professionals, in the local STPs (Sustainability and Transformation Plan).
We see our role as working with people and organisations to improve outcomes for individuals, local businesses, communities and economies. It brings together leaders from the care community to work together, with innovation, to develop local workforce solutions. As such we have defined our core purpose and mission as:








The Network was formed following a need for Bath College to review its health and social care provision; to ensure that it adequately meets the needs of local health and social care providers. The aim of this group is to bring together representatives from the local sector to:


  • Better inform Bath College’s education and training opportunities, and to develop and implement strategies that prepare young people and adults for a career in health and social care; with a particular focus on widening participation.
  • Promote the wider roles available within the health and social sector.
  • Provide a training hub for network members and sector professionals.
  • Develop strategies to support adults, and long-term unemployed, with effective training development and progression.





The Bath Care Academy working group is a ‘task and finish’ working group and may not remain permanently established. The group holds no delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of the College nor to commit the College or its Partner Members to any expenditure.


Any formal consultation will be managed by and issued via Bath College and its partner members.


Bath College Care Academy working group is intended to enable progression and delivery of existing College policy relating to Students and their learning journeys and to liaise/negotiate with stakeholders and on behalf of the College as appropriate.





Members are expected to offer or participate in all or most of the following:


  • Offer Work experience for Care Academy students.
  • Offer placements or work shadowing opportunities for Care Academy members and Bath College staff.
  • Participate in Care Academy events at least once per year (such as facilitating skills workshops, mock interviews).
  • Share information about Care Academy activities in your own sector in order to promote and grow the network.
  • Attend pathway meetings (at least 2 per year).
  • Contribute to Care Academy developments and its sustainability.
  • Enable practitioners to visit to share good practice and enable learners to develop up to date and relevant skills for the sector.
  • Share/loan resources where possible.
  • Facilitate training for Care Academy members.


What members can expect from the Care Academy:


  • Publicity for your service and promotion of opportunities, via – events, the Bath College Care Academy website etc.
  • The use of a city centre training venue.
  • The opportunity to source recruitment and to develop the future local health and social care workforce.
  • The opportunity to work in partnership, ensuring financial efficiency and workforce development.
  • To have a part in informing Bath College’s education and training opportunities, and to develop and implement strategies that prepare young people and adults for careers in health and social care.
  • Opportunities to contribute towards curriculum, development.





  • Meetings are currently chaired by Sally Wilson and Vice Chaired by Kate Hobbs (Bath College).
  • The network has two partner groups; a strategic steering group of founding members, responsible for curriculum design and innovation, and a career pathways network group.
  • Full network meetings are held 6 times per year and attendance at these meetings is essential to maintain membership of the group.
  • Occasional apologies are both accepted and understandable.
  • Minutes of the meetings are circulated to all network members and an agenda for members is circulated to all members a week in advance.


Key members of the group currently include:


  • Action on Addiction
  • Bath College
  • BEMS
  • Care & Support West
  • Creativity Works
  • Dimensions
  • Dorothy House Hospice
  • Health Education England (South West)
  • Royal United Hospitals Bath
  • Sirona Care & Health
  • Skills for Care
  • Somerset Care
  • Way Ahead Care
  • Youth Connect

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