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Innovative students put on virtual festival


Bath College have recently elected their Students’ Union for academic year 2020/21.
The panel of students, led by returning Students’ Union President, Dan Ball, thought that the lockdown was no reason not to ensure that everyone got to celebrate the end of term.
The new Students’ Union members are Amy Curtis, Higher Education Officer, Emily Styles, Equality & Diversity Officer and Gemma Valentine and Eloise Lane, Events & Activities Officers. They hope to add more officers to their team with new students in September.
LINEUP College Sound WaveCollege Soundwave Festival showcased music from Bath College bands, alumni and local acts as well as performing arts, wellbeing tips and relaxation techniques such as street food and massage tutorials.
Students shared their favourite College memories and entered festival themed competitions, including sharing images of what ‘festival’ meant to them.
Also invited to the virtual event were all students starting in September, who got the opportunity to ‘hang out’ online with the new Students’ Union and ask questions about student life at Bath College.
The online event was attended by 150 students and was a very reassuring afternoon after what has been an uncertain time for young people.
Your students' union 2020 - May 2020Dan Ball, Students’ Union President commented: “I’m really pleased to have been voted in as SU President for a second year. It’s great to have a new team of officers and together we put on an event that was really beneficial to the students, who have been very anxious studying from home.
“I really enjoyed meeting all the new students who are starting in September and hope we gave them a taste of College life.”
The event was such a success the new SU plan to re-run the event on GCSE results day to bring celebration to a cohort of students who have had their exams so disrupted.

Dan SU President

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Q&A with Dan: What it’s like to be Student Union President

Dan Ball is the Student Union President at Bath College. He applied for the role after he completed a year as Vice President, which he did around his Public Services course.
He wanted to share his experience with any students considering applying for a position on the 2020/21 Students’ Union.


Why did you sign up for the Students’ Union?

I signed up when I was sill a student to be Vice President because I wanted to make a difference within the college from the students’ voice. At the end of my college course, I wanted to be President because I wanted to expand my career within the Students’ Union and gain much experience as possible.

What does your role involve?

My role involves running campaigns with the participation team, running the Students Union and leading the Student Voice. I attend Learner Voice meetings which is where course reps come and contribute to changes they want around college.

Since being an officer, what has been your highlight?

My highlight has been meeting new students and getting to know them and how they are enjoying their course.

What have you learnt since being part of the Students’ Union?

I have learnt that being part of the Students’ Union is enjoyable and that it is worth doing as it builds up a good CV.
What advice what you give to someone that is thinking of running to become an officer in the Students’ Union?

Joining the SU will enable you to work as a team, meet new people, volunteer and build up your CV. I would recommend planning your election campaign with reasons why you would like to represent the student voice. Give it ago and take the opportunity while it’s there!!
To find out all about the 2020/21 roles, click here


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Q&A with Media student Joe for Autism Awareness Month

As part of the Students’ Union campaign to support Autism Awareness Month, we spoke to Joe who is currently studying Media at Bath College and wanted to share his experience of autism with fellow students.

Hello my name is Joe I am 18 years old and I study Media Level 2 and I have autism.
What interests/hobbies do you have?

I love watching anime, my favourite one is My Hero Academia. I love spending time with my family and talking to my friends and I love music.
When were you diagnosed with autism? Has it made a difference to your life?

I was 4 years old when I was diagnosed with autism and to be honest I was too young to understand what it meant until I was old enough to understand at first people used to bully me because of my needs and now I’m trying to get people to accept me for who I am.
What’s the best thing about having autism?

The best bit about autism is honestly the smartness that you get and when you work hard (but not too hard) then the brain grows and grows with new information.
What do you find challenging about having autism?

The challenge of it was the bullying and the hate I had because of my autism and also when people joke about things and I take them way too seriously.
What advice would you give others with autism about college life?

My tip to everyone who is reading this and who has autism is be more confident when you meet new people because the friends you make will make a huge positive impact in your life and trust me I have been there.
Who is your role model and why?

I have two role models:
Post Malone: because his music made a huge impact in my life and made me think the positive not the negatives and that’s how I got to love music even more than when I was younger
Izuku Midoriya: he is my favourite character from My Hero Academia because no matter how hard your life gets you gotta keep pushing your confidence and positivity and then it all pays off.
What are you planning to do next year?

I am thinking of doing music Level 2 next year.
What’s your favourite quote?

Peace, Love and positivity regardless of Race, Religion, Colour, Creed and Sexual Orientation. Logic (2017)
Thanks to Joe for taking the time to share his Q&A with us.

Molly Cook SU Equality & Diversity Officer

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Meet our SU Equality & Diversity Officer, Molly Cook


We spoke to our Equality & Diversity Officer, Molly, who got elected onto the Students’ Union after running a successful campaign at the end of last academic year.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Molly Cook and I have autism. I love to socialise with different people. I like to make new friends and get to know people. I love music and I like to chat to people about things. I love to be out and about with people and on my own. I go to clubs outside of college. I am a lovely person. I just love chatting to people to get to know them.
What course are you doing at Bath College?
I am doing the LILS (Life and Independent Living Skills) course at Bath College at Somer Valley Campus.
Why did you apply to be Equality & Diversity Officer?
I applied to be Equality and Diversity Officer because I want to make a difference around the college and make college a better place. And I want to share my personal experience of autism and raise awareness of other disabilities and make college a more equal place.
What would you like to achieve during your time on the Students’ Union?
To make college a better place and to make people aware that I am the same as everybody else in college including all of my college friends. And I want to plan some events about different things. I’m looking forward to starting my campaigns.
Where can you be found on campus?
I can be found in the Wellow Building at Somer Valley Campus.

Dan SU President

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Meet our new Student Union President, Dan Ball


We spoke to our brand new SU President, Dan, to find out all about him and his plans for the year.
Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hi my name is Dan Ball. I’m 19 years old. In my spare time I like to meet up with friends and take my dogs out for a walk. My favorite sport is Rugby. I support Bath and England Rugby club.
What did you study at Bath College?
I studied Uniformed Public Services for three years. I started at level two and finished level 3 year two.
Why did you apply to be the SU President?
I applied for the Student Union President Job role because I would like a future career in pastoral care and applying for this role can give me an insight what it is like.
Why do you think the SU is important?
The SU is important as this gives the chance for all students to put forward their suggestions on how the college can improve based on their needs. I also think the SU is important as this students can work as a team.
What would you like to achieve during your Presidency?
I would like to achieve in my year as president is to raise money to a chosen charity by the majority of students getting involved into different kinds of fundraising. I would also like to achieve a good outcome towards the campaigns I have created for this year.
What vision do you have for the SU at Bath College?
The vison I have for the SU is that the Student Union will be there to support students throughout the year so they can also get involved with us and learn more about what the Student Union does.
Where can you be found on campus?
I can be found in the Student Union and Participation office on the bottom floor of the Macaulay building in the new Student Union area.
Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for new and returning students?
The words of wisdom I would say to students is to keep a positive mind set to your studies. Have fun and a laugh with friends and staff members and always smile.

Students Union

March – Raise and Give Month


Each year we host a RAG week (Raise and Give week) to raise money for our chosen charity.  These always consist of a number of fun charity events over the week. Our chosen charity this year was Time Is Precious. Time is Precious works with children in hospitals to support them with end of life care. The aim of Time is Precious is to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for the children and their families in the hard times and to help purchase specialist equipment to make their lives more comfortable, because time is precious especially at times like these.


A team meeting was held on the 9th of March where the SU team decided what events they were going to do for the week, to raise money. The final ideas were; a cake sale, gunk the SU, sponsored cycle, pie your teacher and street collections. Then the real planning begun! what days to hold the events and the dreaded risk assessments.


Monday was pie your teacher and this was so much fun, getting revenge for all the course work students have been set.


Tuesday was a mass pool game event, trick shots galore.


Wednesday was the street collection with Peppa and George pig.  This raised the most amount of all the event over the week. Everyone that took part was in fancy dress Mario, Dory the grim reaper and Pikachu joined in to raise money around the streets of Bath.


Thursday was the best day by far, gunk the SU. Depending on how much you raised would decide how bad the gunk was, if you raised the least you were sure to get the nasty bucket.


Friday was the bake sale which was a calm and welcome end to the week.


Overall the week raised over £250 for Time as Precious to add to the fundraising we did last year.



Students Union

April – The start of a new chapter




We have BIG news from April, but at the same time there’s not much to tell. Thank you half term for saving us all from college work and giving us a sunny 2 weeks off. I hope you all enjoyed yourself and made lots of memories!


It was Earth Week this month so we made a cute gratitude garden for students to get involved in. Check out the photographs on our Facebook and Instagram #bathcollsu


So now to our big news! As you are all aware we have been recruiting a new Students’ Union team. The candidates that signed up have been campaigning for your votes over a two weeks period! Well results are in and we have our new team! Thank you for those who took the time to vote.


Congratulations to the following students and our very own Student’s Union officers who will be your..




Tesh Baber –  President 

James Stewart – Vice President

Ephraim Sampson – Events Officer

Jonathan Waldeck – Media and Promotions Officer

Paige Baker – Sports and Societies Officer

Perry Evry – Equality and Diversity Officer

Oliver Watkins – Higher Education Officer


I have confidence in saying these guys will do you proud. They will stand up for the needs of Bath college students, campaign for change and set up some crazy events! Good luck to you all.


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Promoting healthy living on campus: New award for Bath College’s Student Participation Team

Bath College’s Student Participation Team has won an award recognising its work to promote health and wellbeing on campus.
Whether it’s a fruit kebab stall or a giant post-it wall, the team works hard to come up with creative ways to engage students. In recognition of this, they were invited to receive a Director of Public Health Award from Bath and North East Somerset Council.

The team submitted evidence from Bath College’s health and motivation month in January to qualify for the award.
Activities included a giant game of smoking hoopla to promote the college’s anti-smoking campaign. Anti-smoking kits were given out, including tangle toys, breath mints and information on quitting smoking.
Members of the Student Participation Team made postcards with motivational quotes to hand out at lunchtime, and started January with a float your hopes event. Students were given helium balloons and invited to write their hopes for the future on them.

Equality and Diversity Officer Katie Dunn was also keen to promote the importance of having a positive body image during mental health week. To do this, she covered a sofa with white fabric and asked students to write down their favourite things about themselves.
Student Participation Manager Rob Heyes said: “Judges liked the fact that a lot of the things we’re doing are very different. We’re constantly working to come up with creative ways to engage with students around the topic of health and wellbeing.”

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Interview: Students’ Union President Kez Hawkins reflects on her time in the role


Article by Love2learn journalism students Geoffrey Mackett and Penny Tranter
For two years Kez Hawkins has been the face of the Bath College Students’ Union. This June, she will stand down from her post as president and hand over to a successor from the May student union elections.
The role has allowed her to grow in confidence, she said: “I am here to represent all students, and where change is needed or sought, I promote it to the college management.” She gets different ideas from students through Student Voice, and when these are practicable, they can make improvements to the everyday life of the college.

Kez confessed when she first took on the role it was scary, “I did not know the scope of the post,” she said. But she soon found her feet, and enjoyed it so much that she stayed for the permitted second year. “You make the job,” she said, having been persuaded to stand by her predecessor. “Having no plans at the end of my photography course, I used it as a gap year.”
“You are a governor of the college; you sit on the interview panels for senior staff. I didn’t understand the language that is used in the day-to-day management of the college, especially the financial aspects, so it was a steep learning curve.”
Kez said she sometimes finds it difficult to get students to voice their ideas when they are focused on coursework, but used novel methods to get these ideas known.
“My last one was to post ideas written on cards shaped like light bulbs, and then hung on a washing line,” she said, adding that the Students’ Union chalkboard is open for students to nominate themselves or colleagues for posts on the student union committee.
There are eight students who give time each week to support the president, which is a full-time paid post, four days a week.
Passionate about her time at Bath College, Kez praises the tutor from her photography course, who encouraged her. “I wasn’t a good pupil at school” she admits, “when I came to the college I had to re-sit my GCSE English, I didn’t want to go to university. I saw photography as a hobby, not a job, but I grew to love it.”
Now with the experience of her course and two years as President, she has a great CV which has led her to youth work. She explains: “Twice a week I am helping as an assistant youth worker in Bath, at the Riverside Youth Hub, and I love it.”

Now passionate about further education and young people, she hopes to do more work with young people. When she leaves Bath College in the summer, her first commitment will be a four-week summer camp with the National Citizen Service here in Bath. The first week will be a residential away from the area in the Isle of Wight. Kez will be balancing this work alongside work generated by the photography company she has launched.
Once elected, new team members, including the president will shadow current student union officers as they learn the role. The college is keen for more students to show an interest in these posts, which help with the running of the college and providing support to students.
To find out more about the roles click here.

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Student Take over – Harry Sylvester

For the second year running we have invited students to ‘takeover the college’ by becoming key members of staff for the day.  Not only is it a great way for students to build skills and confidence.  It also benefits the departments in which they are based to gather some direct leaner feedback on what they do.


One of the positions up for grabs was the Teaching and Learning Manager who is responsible for observing lessons and helping our teaching staff develop.  Harry Sylvester, a Public Services student  took over this role for the day, and here, in his own words is how it went.



Student Takeover Day – Harry Sylvester




On this day, I had the really good opportunity of becoming the Teaching and Learning Manager which meant I was ‘taking over’ Matt Finch’s job.



This day started off with me meeting with Matt and being introduced to the Teaching and Learning Team. I arrived bright and early and packed my bag with lots of special items such as; books, pens and pencils. I also decided to bring a clipboard with me so I could write down all the information that I would need for the entire day. I did some initial preparation for the day, such as creating my own tables for the data I would need to collect, but the exciting thing was, I was given my own desk!


After all the preparation was done I was allowed to go the classrooms with the company of one of team. This was very exciting as it gave me an insight into what English and Maths lessons are like. After this I was released to go into some lessons by myself which was very exciting indeed. These lessons ranged from learning about past exam papers and going all the way to students writing their own stories.


I was invited to come sit with the team in the Shrubbery Restaurant and enjoy a cup of tea with a scone. We then returned to the office to type up the data which I had collected so far.


After, I had typed up the data I went round to observe a few more lessons. I really enjoyed this as it gave me a real sense of what a member of the Teaching and Learning team does. I learnt many skills during this time such as good communication and learning tips so that I could become more effective as the day went on. After that I took my lunch break.


In the afternoon I started to do some research on how I could best present the data I had been collecting using various charts and tables. At about 14:40 I went to some more class rooms and observed some English and Maths classes to see what they were doing there. I managed to get a lot of data from this, which meant that I could start the preparation for my presentation which would be held at 5:00pm.


The presentation included me presenting all my data to the Teaching and Learning team, Stuart King (Head of Department for English and Maths) and Kez Hawkins (Students’ Union President). The feedback from this was very good and they were all very pleased with what I had collected. I felt that during this my confidence was boosted massively as it made me feel more at ease to talk to people. I ended up finishing the day at around 5:30pm.


I really enjoyed the day, it taught me what the Teaching and Learning Team do on a daily basis. It also boosted my confidence quite a lot because it means that I can now communicate better, both in and out of college. I felt quite happy around the college as I felt that I was in charge of something for the whole day.


So, for all I did today, I would like to thank the Teaching and Learning Team for having me there, all the classes I went to and everyone I met, THANK YOU


Harry Sylvester.


Students Union

January – Motivation

Hello 2017!


The Students’ Union decided to theme January as Motivation month. For this  we handed out motivational quotes around the college, to students, with the aim to make their day better!  

We have also spoken a little about New Year’s Resolutions and if students were to set a resolution for the college what would it be? What are your new year’s resolutions? Comment your answers below!

Much of January for me was delivering tutorials across the college, my aim was to try and reach those I don’t get to see as much. I spoke about our new website ‘Change It’ , our Takeover week in Feb, Course Reps, the new Activities program and finally the Students’ Union elections. Already our time as SU officers is nearly up so we are recruiting for new students to take our place.


The SU team have been really busy this month, Tesh and Aaron have started up 5 aside football on Wednesdays 4.30-5.30 at Bath Sports centre. Paul has been creating more videos for the YouTube page. James has been working towards a Bath College talent show and lastly Katie has been prepping for an online mentoring service. To top it off the team made a decision of our RAG (Raise and Give) charity this year. We are happy to announce that we will be supporting Time Is Precious for a second year running.


Hayley and I worked very closely with Childcare level 1 students in their assignment to make a positive impact on our community. Each group set up a fundraising event for Time is Precious. We went on a 14 mile walk from SVC campus to CCC campus.  Other groups dressed up as Micky and Mini Mouse and went around town collecting money. The other groups held cake and sweet sales. They raised an amazing £650!!!


The Participation Team have worked really hard on the 8ft by 12ft post it wall. This is where we asked students to write positive quotes on post it notes. It was amazing. They also did an activity called float your hopes where they got helium balloons and got students to write their hopes on a balloon and let it go.


Finally Question of the month results show that out of all the services at college the Students’ Union are known by more students!!! Go Team 16/17. They have been working so hard and deserve this recognition. I am looking forward to the final months in the Students’ Union!


Students Union

December – ‘Tis the season

‘Tis the season to be jolly!


The Student’s Union team have been handing out candy canes this month as a little festive thank you, from us, to you. Hopefully we have seen most of you and been able to wish you well, but if not we hope you have a fantastic (and well deserved) break.


One of my personal highlights this month was the trip we organised to Rush Skate park. This was done from your feedback which always makes it more worthwhile. Those of you that know me will also know I love to skate. Let us know what trips you would like to go on in the new year and we will see what we can get going.




Also in the festive spirit of giving, the Participation Team created a reverse advent calendar. You give a present rather than take one. We will then be sending them off to be given to disadvantaged families in Bath. Thanks for all of the donations, it will make those that receive a gift very happy this Christmas.


Finally some great things are planned for the new year, lots of events and pop up fun! Trips and activities are already in our calendar. Make sure you grab our new program in January for the new term. Lots more to get involved in.


Have a great break.


Students Union

November – Change it

One of our big targets this year is to make it easier for students to give us feedback and have a positive effect on college life.  This month we have been busy making this happen with the launch of our new learner voice website “CHANGE IT”.  The team have been working hard promoting it with lots of free goodies.  However this is just the launch of months of hard work.


So what is it?

Change it is our new way to get students to have their say.  You can submit your idea, or vote on the ideas of others. If enough people back it, we will try to make it happen, it’s really that simple.  So if you have an idea that could improve college for everyone make sure you post it.  The website is www.changeit.bathcollege.ac.uk , let us know what you think.


This month I also stood in the pouring rain with a bunch of students dressed as Santa’s doing their bit for charity at the Bath Christmas lights turn on.  It was great fun and I have to thank all those that braved the weather and refused to give up.


Vice President Tesh is also doing her bit for charity this month as she is aiming to raise £50 for Children In Need. Keep an eye out for what’s going on.



Students Union

October – Elections

So its elections month again, they always seem to come around so fast! We have been on the search for more team members to join the Students’ Union. A big thanks to all those that put themselves forward to run in the elections and also to all those that voted.


The votes have now been counted… so congratulations to Tesh, Zane, James and Jess who are the new members of the team! Visit the meet the team page to see who they are and what roles they have.


This month was also filled with lots of Course Rep training and meetings which were very positive. Your course rep will let us know how things are going in your course, so be sure to check out what was said with them or ask your tutor if you don’t know who it is.

Finally Media and Promo Officer, Dan, has been running two very popular societies; Anime and Dungeons and Dragons. They are proving very popular so please visit us in the Crib if you want to be part of it.

Students Union

September – Here we go again




Kez here, back again as Student Union President for my second year.  I’m hoping we can hit the ground running in this year and get much more happening.  We have an awesome team who are all ready to make change.  Our job is to make your experience at the college even better.


September is always a hectic month but it’s always great to see all the new faces  and to get around meeting you all in the induction (still as scary as ever) and tutorials.  Make sure you check out what we have planned for the year and get involved where you can.




Students Union

June: Student Takeover – A day in the life of a Principal

So this month was our student takeover, where a number of students were able to apply to takeover a role in college.  I’m going to hand the reigns over to Oliver Watkins for this months blog post who was Principal for the day, but I will let him tell you all about it…


Student Takeover Blog: Becoming College Principal for the day – Oliver Watkins

On Monday 13th June 2016, I had the privilege of acting as Co-Principal of Bath College for the day, witnessing and becoming involved in critical decision-making areas for the entire college, which for me was very exciting, interesting and fascinating.


At the start of the day, my activities included an introductory meeting with Matt Atkinson; the College Principal and his PA, who would be monitoring and guiding me throughout the day. Meeting Matt and introducing myself to him was an exciting experience.  He introduced me to his role and the daily activities of his job as the Principal. An example of this was reviewing and assessing inquiries made by different college departments and requesting suitable employment of new people for the departments’ needs.
Having the chance to sit in Matt’s office I witnessed Matt assessing with one management colleague discussing the most appropriate course of action to take in relation to their HR inquiries. It was fascinating to see how the College’s strategic management team deliberated and took consideration into staff recruitment and human resource processes.

After this, Matt informed me about the planned day ahead for me, which included sitting in a weekly strategic meeting with College executives. The primary task of the day was for me to be given the responsibility to investigate and decide whether ‘Bath College should become smoke-free?’

Weekly Strategic Meeting
After the initial brief with the Principal, I was invited to sit in the weekly senior team meeting, which lasted 2 hours.  Discussion included present issues impacting staffing, performance and administration at Bath College. I found it very cool and exciting to be present in the situation where major management discussions were being made, as this can lead to decisions that can have a major impact on the working lives of 1000s of employees and students at this college.

For many people of my age, sitting in a meeting for over 2 hours may seem a long and daunting experience to endure; at first, I even thought the information being discussed would be far beyond my comprehension. However, happily, I proved myself wrong. Everything being discussed was fully engaging and thought-provoking but at the same time very clear to understand. Witnessing these exciting discussions even at one point encouraged me to speak out and give my independent opinion on a topic of concern. So all in all, this was a very fascinating and surprisingly enjoyable experience for me to be part of.  Perhaps one day, with much hard work I could see myself in more of these types of settings.

After the meeting, I was invited to lunch with the Principal at the Shrubbery restaurant, where I was able to take the opportunity to talk on a more relaxed and informal basis, asking questions more to do with his day to day role and his plans and aspirations for the future once he has left the college.
After lunch, I met up again with Matt’s PA, who had created a timetable for me of all the people I had arranged to meet for my upcoming task of deciding whether Bath College should become smoke-free.

The Task
Finally, it was time to start my main task of investigating and concluding with recommendations for whether the College should become smoke-free. I needed to be finished by 4 pm to be ready to present my recommendations to Matt and the College’s Chair of Governors. Personally speaking, this was the most exciting and enjoyable part of the day.  It involved me taking up the challenge of hearing others’ opinions from the different areas of the college such as the Estates department and Student Participation, which empowered me to make actual strategic recommendations that could impact the whole college. Moreover, by being given the chance to hear each argument as part of the interviewing process, I had the opportunity to decide and weigh out the positives and negatives for each argument.  This, in turn, would influence the actions of Matt, the Principal himself and others from the board of governors. This made for a very fine sense of achievement; that will never be forgotten. Just knowing I had played a factor in the organisation’s policy felt surreal.


Once my task had been completed, I presented my findings and recommendations to Matt and the Chair of Governors, where I decided to recommend that the ‘college should become smoke-free by 2020’ and that ‘there should be provision to cover and protect the area allocated for bikes from potential damage’.
After my meeting with Matt and the Chair of Governors, my role as acting Co-Principal for Bath College had finished in what had been a thoroughly enjoyable, and empowering day. I could easily say yes to doing this again if the opportunity ever arises.

Since that day, I was honoured with a sense of achievement to hear that shortly after my investigation a strategic meeting was held that considered my recommendations and put forward plans to make the city campus smoke free by September later this year.


To summarise, I am very glad and proud of myself for taking on this wonderful opportunity and would strongly encourage any student to apply for this role. As well as this, I would like to thank the college personally and thank the people involved in setting up this day, and huge thanks for giving me the chance to come here to experience a very different day that was both challenging and fantastic.


Thank you so much Bath College!



Students Union

May – lets talk more

Wow this year has really flown by, it’s crazy! I am searching for a student to take over my role as Students’ Union President as well as signing up people for the Students’ Union 2016/17. While I have been chatting to students I have really realised what a great opportunity Bath college has given me. Being  the Students’ Union President has been the best thing I have ever achieved. I have learnt so much about life and myself. It has given me the confidence boost I really needed and learning skills I already thought I had; even little things like writing formal emails to big things like chairing meetings to organising trips and events. I hope to pass all this on to another student like me, I look forward to them benefiting from this amazing opportunity like I have.
Other than recruiting a new team I have been working with Tess and helping her with her Mental Health Awareness month campaign. We held an event called ‘Chalk and Talk’ we got students to help us draw/write all over the path out the back of the college. Students loved it; there were some great pieces of work. It really got staff and students talking about Mental Health and having a positive look on to what we were doing.  She set up a Welfare festival which went so well! We had an ice cream van, free stress balls, stalls and sumo suits. Everyone got together and took the time to #talkbathcollege it was great to see so many students getting involved on the day, including the music students who played sets throughout the festival. You did a great job!  As part of the mental health awareness month I have been giving out compliments and leaving a sheet for students to take a compliment. Everyone needs to learn to accept and like compliments.
We have had our first GCSE exam this month, the team and I have been out wishing the students good luck and handing out water and fruit to those taking the exams. We are also going to repeat this after half term with the other GCSE exams.
And its half term again! You lot have a good week off. Those taking their exams when you come back don’t forget to take a break during that heavy load of revision!

Students Union

April – walkies

After a crazy busy month we have just got back from a lovely 2 week Easter break.  Day one back and we are getting straight back into the swing of it.


I have set up a re-charge centre where students can charge their electronic devices outside the college shop. This gave me a chance to talk to students about the Student’s Union nominations, trips and ideas.
We have been talking about a new online voting system for students to get their ideas to us.  Students would be able to submit an idea, other students could then vote on it,  the ideas with the most votes will then come to us to make happen!  So there has been a lot of meetings, ideas, planning and designs relating to that.  It’s all very exciting, you guys are going to love it!
WE ARE GOING TO AIR HOP!! you asked for it, so we did it.  29 students got involved in the trip to Bristol’s trampoline park. They all had a great time, including Scarlett and Nick of course.
Our other big event this month was our 13 mile sponsored walk from city centre campus to Somer Valley campus all for charity. Loads of students and staff got together and walked the beautiful valley to each campus taking 6 ½ hours. This is the second time we have done this and looks set to become and annual fundraiser.
Finally, I have made the decision not to run again for Student’s Union President next year, not because of the job its self. I want to pursue a career in youth work. This means it is giving another student the chance to have this amazing opportunity to be Bath College Students’ Union President.



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March – RAG


March has been crazy busy! Two weeks of RAG (Raise and Give) fundraising for a brilliant charity called Time is Precious. Some of the team and I over Somer Valley went to the extent of having gunk tipped over our heads to raise money!  Great fun but not my favourite day.  We also did a collection in Radstock town centre where we came across the BBC Wiltshire radio bus, nervously we took the opportunity to speak on live radio!!!! The Students’ Union first 60 seconds of FAME for 2016!  RAG week is just some of the fundraising we are doing over the year, so keep an eye out for our fundraising total.
We hosted an NUS conference with a few other colleges at our Somer Valley campus, I really like getting together with other colleges to share ideas and challenges, it was useful for new ideas and to find out how other colleges gather student voice.
Possibly one of our biggest stories of the year was facial palsy awareness week. I have been working closely with a student called Freya who wanted to do a stall event for the week to raise awareness of Facial Palsy. As part of the campaign we painted half our faces and got loads of other students involved.  Freya has gone on to do various interviews in the media and has really become an ambassador, read up on what she has achieved HERE
I have been busy organising a new idea called ‘Student Take Over WEEK’ I am planning for students to take over some main roles in the college. I can’t wait to start promoting it and getting students signed up. SO if you think you could be Principal for a day then keep an eye out!



In January some SU members delivered first aid awareness stall which led me to set up a free first aid course for 30 students! The event went so well, I’d like to thank St Johns ambulance for being so amazing and answering all the students’ questions. All the students who got involved were very pleased with their certificates. It’s something we are going to look to do more of next year.
It’s already that time of the year where we start recruiting for new Students’ Union members. I am about to go out and start talking to students, hand out flyers and get people signed up!!
I set up an Easter egg hunt around the college. It was funny watching students scrabble around trying to find the special tickets.
Have a great Easter holiday, eat lots of chocolates and relax. See you after half term!

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Student shares her story for Facial Palsy Awareness Week


A teenager born with facial palsy has made the brave decision to share her story as part of a national awareness raising week.


Freya Beaumont was born with unilateral congenital facial palsy – a condition which meant she couldn’t move the left side of her face.


As a young child, she needed two operations to help her smile and her appearance meant she found it hard to fit in at school.


Now a student at Bath College, Miss Beaumont is using Facial Palsy Awareness Week to highlight the difficulties of living with facial paralysis.


The 17-year-old, who is studying childcare, said: “Having facial palsy meant that I couldn’t smile and couldn’t close my left eye, in fact I had no movement at all on the left side of my face.


“When I was five I had surgery at a hospital in London, which was the first of two operations intended to give me a smile.


“While the surgery has left me with a lot of scars – the back of my legs, my chest and both my jaw lines, there is no doubt it has made a big difference.


“I wanted to take part in Facial Palsy Awareness Week because it’s something that I have lived with. I know how it can affect a young person’s self-esteem, as well as their emotions.


“I thought that if more people, especially young people, were aware of the difficulties, they would treat sufferers with more understanding.”


On March 1, Miss Beaumont set up an information stand at Bath College with the help of Students’ Union President Kez Hawkins.




She had half her face made up as part of Facial Palsy UK’s #FaceMyDay challenge and encouraged other students to join in the challenge.


The idea of the challenge is to get people thinking about how others react when they look different from those around them.


Miss Beaumont was inspired to set up the stand after sharing her story on Facial Palsy UK’s website.


Her story struck a chord with parents caring for young children with facial palsy, who wrote to say how it had encouraged them.


In the future, she hopes to use her college course to work with young children in hospital, or become a healthcare assistant.




Miss Beaumont said: “I find it easier to talk about my facial palsy to family and friends, but sometimes I feel it’s difficult to talk to strangers.


“Psychologically my facial palsy has affected me in many ways. When I was little I didn’t appreciate that my face was any different from other children’s faces.


“But when I started school it soon became more apparent. Other children would tease, point, stare and laugh at me. I felt like I didn’t fit in.


“Over the last six months or so, I’m feeling much more positive about myself. My future is bright and the challenges I’ve faced have served to make me stronger as a person.


“I think people need to know that there are support groups out there for anyone who has facial palsy and wants to share their experience.


“I have always had a passion to help children who have special needs or disabilities and I would love to do this in my career after college.


“I can achieve anything I want to and I won’t allow my condition, or other people, to hold me back.”

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