How the College is Organised College Information

We have over 2,300 full time students, (over half of these are aged 16-18), and over 6,000 part time students.



Courses are delivered by one of 8 departments. These are


  • Art, Design & Graphics, Business, Media, Music and Performing Arts – Head of Department: Jon Domaille
  • English and Maths – Head of Department: Stuart King
  • Hospitality, Hair, Beauty, Spa Industries and Land-Based Studies – Head of Department: Jayne Withers
  • Services to Business and Work-Based Learning – Head of Department: Rob Aldous
  • Sport, Leisure and Care – Head of Department – Kate Hobbs
  • Technology (Computing, Construction and Engineering) – Interim Head of Department: Paul Gilmore


Each department has a Head of Department and an administrative team as well as tutors and lecturers. In total, over 600 staff are employed by the college.


The strategic direction of the college is set and monitored by a Corporation, (similar to a school’s Board of Governors).


Most of the college’s courses are funded by the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and the Skills Funding Agency (SFA), the bodies responsible for all post-16 education apart from higher education. However, we also have a large number of students studying higher education courses and provide training for local businesses.

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