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Bath College works with European partners to develop vocational education and training through EU funded programmes such as Erasmus Plus. We actively involve local businesses, staff and students in projects which provide many opportunities for enrichment and skills development.



Fostering the entrepreneurial mindset


IntGen is a European funded project that aims to foster the entrepreneurial mindset amongst the unemployed.  Bath College is proud to be a leading partner in the project as it is recognised that one of the best forms of lifelong learning takes place in intergenerational contexts where the elders are up-skilled to interact with, influencing and engaging with young people in learning.


This project also addresses unemployment amongst people under 30, when entrepreneurship is a serious option, and also unemployment of the over 45s, many of whom have been made redundant.


Often, older people with a business give it up when they retire. It would be good if they had an apprentice or someone to pass the business to – the older person can continue to mentor the younger and maybe even get an income from the business.


IntGen aims to develop working partnerships between education and employment, including self-employment and entrepreneurship. Many older people are also turning to self-employment for the first time in their lives. Mentoring is proven to help new businesses to succeed. The older generation who have retired but are still active can use their valuable skills and become a volunteer mentor, making that vital difference to the new business and also giving the older person a feeling that they remain a valuable contributor to civil society; hence intergenerational mentoring.





The Connect-VET project helps to build cooperation between small businesses, vocational colleges and universities to encourage innovation and development of the rural economy.  Building on best practice from Finland, Norway, Estonia, Spain, Italy and the UK, practical cooperation models will be developed and tested to exchange knowledge and identify opportunities to build connections between education and the workplace.


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E-DECO is a project intended to enable teachers to use coaching methods and e-tools to support learning, fostering passion and motivation among students, stimulating entrepreneurial attitudes and activity.

10 teachers from 5 EU countries will be trained; the training will be cascaded to 10 teachers in each country. Findings from the analysis phase will be taken into account when creating the curricula of the training of the E-DECO trainers. The training needs to address the questions of how to make students more responsible for their own learning and how to adopt a coaching mindset into the role of the teacher? There is also demand for learning new ways and tools to support different learning styles as well as different styles of the teachers.

Todays’ students have grown up using digital tools, such as online games and mobile applications for instant chatting, and it is a natural way of communicating for them. The big challenge here is how to move on from being the provider of useful information to supporting the learning process and inspiring the students to solving the problems that they have identified. Asking questions and finding the answers are important competencies needed in the changing world of work. Coaching tools can be of great support in facilitating problem solving.


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Storytelling simply means the activity of telling a story, and digital storytelling means it is in digital format. Stories have played a relevant role in teaching and learning for a long time, thanks to their ability to engage learners and foster attention, communicating strong messages.


The project addresses the trainers of healthcare workers in Europe and the use of the tools to reduce the high risk of burnout and compassion fatigue amongst professionals working in the sector and dropout of healthcare students.


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Coaching Skills for teachers to foster entrepreneurship’ or entre-coach, is a project with seven partners (UK, Spain, Finland, Germany and Hungary) which aims to give teachers and trainers new skills to enable them to work with small business enterprises, the self-employed, unemployed and budding entrepreneurs.


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Helps young people to develop the skills and confidence needed in the workplace by including key competences in vocational learning.  An updated Train the Trainer Pack for vocational teachers will be developed and tested.


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