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We think it’s really important for our students to have a say in all aspects of the college.  This helps us to keep improving and make your college experience as good as it possibly can be.  We have even won national awards for our innovative approach to Learner Voice from the Learning Skills Improvement Service.


We give students a number of opportunities to provide feedback through surveys, suggestion boxes, forums the Students’ Union of by talking to a member of staff.  We also have a number of ways students can be even more directly involved.


Course reps

Every course at the college has one student to represent their courses views, a Course rep. Their job is to:


  • Gather the views of their course and represent them at the course rep meetings
  • Work with the college to help improve the experience
  • Liaise with tutors and staff to put forward ideas and suggestions.


Course reps are invited to department meeting 3 times a year and given the opportunity to feedback their courses views directly to senior management.


If you would like to be a Course Rep or don’t know who yours is, then talk to your tutor or the Student Participation  team.


Students’ Union  

The Students’ Union are a group of elected students who run activities, parties events, help you get discounts and most importantly represent you.


The Students’ Union President is a sabbatical post and is key in leaner voice by regularly talking to and getting the views of students.  The President also sits on the board of governors, the highest point of management in a college, to make sure students views are involved in any decisions they make.


Change It

Change It is a way to submit ideas on how to improve the college.  Our online site allows students to upload an idea they think will improve the college.  Other students are then able to log in and vote on the best ideas. The ideas with the most votes are then taken forward by our Students’ Union to campaign on to change.


The aim is for all students to have an opportunity to input into how the college is run whilst ensuring the Students’ Union are campaigning on the issues that really matter.

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