Who Are We Students’ Union


The Students’ Union is a team of students who take positive action and make decisions to improve the college for everyone.


This includes:


  • Organising fun events and activities
  • Representing all students at the college
  • Being actively involved in how the college is run and decision making
  • Running sports groups and societies
  • Promoting student discounts


The team or Executive as they are known, are elected annually by the students.  Any enrolled student can run to join the Executive or have a say on who is elected and thus how the Students’ Union is run.


How do I become part of the Students’ Union?

Every enrolled student at Bath College automatically becomes a member of the Students’ Union and is entitled to get involved in everything we put on or have a say in how we are run.  If you don’t want to be part of something special, let us know and you can opt out.  Being part of the Students Union doesn’t cost you anything.


How can I get involved in the Students’ Union?

There are a number of ways to get involved with your Students union whether it’s briefly giving your opinion or committing to joining the team. You could:


  • Vote in the elections for who represents you.
  • Join a sports team or society
  • Get fit in one of our classes
  • Be a course rep and represent you classmates views to management
  • Take part in the fun activities
  • Give your opinion on the college experience
  • Volunteer


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