Choosing a Career Careers Advice

What career suits me?

There will be lots of careers out there that will suit you. What do you do if you are not sure where to start to find out?


Look at careers that will suit your interests, personality, skills and abilities:



Explore Careers

Read information or watch videos about different career areas to find out more about what these jobs are really like. What qualifications you need to get in? What salary will you earn and what are employers looking for?



Careerpilot is a free website helping 13—19 year olds in the South West plan their future study and work and has a lot of useful information for young people and parents.



Watch people talk about their career stories. Lots of people working in the media, game design, music and events. Spot the famous celebrities!


National Careers Service

The National Careers Service website has information on over 750 jobs. Check the entry requirements, skills and qualities required. You can also find out about what the work would be like, the average salary you could expect and what the career prospects are.



Check out the information on jobs in the same area related to your course called job groups. For example you can find out about all the jobs related to building and construction. You can save or print leaflets.



Careerscape is packed with information on careers, employment, education and training options. You’ll also find UCAS HE courses plus career videos and case studies. Contact the careers team for the login code or access from the network in college from the start menu.



Glassdoor gives an inside look at jobs and companies. Anonymous reviews and salary data from employees and interview candidates.



Helping adults progress to higher level study

Find a way to study to suit you at colleges, training providers and universities across the South West.


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