Industry Surveys – How can we help you?


At Bath College, we are determined to meet the needs of your industry and we are in the process of building a deeper understanding of the needs of your particular organisation to ensure that we are best positioned to be able to provide a talent pipeline and enhance skills within your organisation. If you could take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire, it would be much appreciated. Please choose from the below questionnaires the area that best matches the area of your industry, this will help us determine what’s needed for each industry sector.



Please choose the survey that best matches your industry sector


Agriculture, Environmental and Animal Care


Business, Management, Leadership and Operations


Health and Social Care


Hospitality and Catering


Construction Trades


IT and Digital


Education and Early Years


Engineering and Manufacturing


Hair, Beauty and Holistic Therapies


Automotive Engineering


Sports and Life Science


Legal, Finance and Accounting


Sales, Marketing and Procurement



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