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Youngsters from Kingswood Prep School enjoyed a first-class service when they checked onto an imaginary flight from Bath College to India.

The experience, part of a training exercise for travel and tourism students, took place in Bath College’s life-size mock aircraft cabin.

Pupils clutched home-made passports and boarding passes as they checked in for the flight, which included a quiz and service from the food trolley.

They were also kitted out with life jackets and learnt how to blow their whistles for help after an emergency landing.

The group visited to mark the start of a new project at Kingswood, teaching pupils about different cultures and countries.

Students at Bath College were also assessed during the exercise, as part of their customer service and children’s representative units.




Travel and tourism lecturer Colette Williams said the exercise would boost students’ employability skills.

She said: “We want them to develop employability and communication skills, to support them in the industry where they will have to deal with different types of customers and their needs.

“It’s good to link with local schools. They can use the facilities we’ve got to support their learning, but also by bringing their children in they are supporting our students with their learning.

“It makes it more real for the students and the schoolchildren as well.”

Becci Howe, head of key stage one at Kingswood School, said: “They have had a really amazing experience.

“We come every year. It’s a really good link with the college, which gives students experience of looking after children on a plane.

“This is the start of our world tour, each week they will visit a new country. They have made they made their own passports to bring with them to try and make the experience more real.”

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