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Students are releasing a new album to celebrate young musical talent and the end of their time studying at Bath College.
Bath College is holding an end of year show for music performance students at Moles nightclub on Monday June 6.
Students completing two years’ worth of study at Bath College will be performing and feature on the new CD.
Music student Emma Pettit, 18, from Chippenham, has put the album together and is helping to organise the gig.
She said: “It’s really put my artistic skills to the test – I was asked to design something that looked current and would stand out on the shelf.
“I’ve really enjoyed my time at Bath College. They give us so many great opportunities and I’ve enjoyed focusing on management and promotion in my second year.
“The staff are so great at supporting us all in our decisions and can advise us on a professional level to make sure we’re ready to enter the music industry.
“Producing the album has filled me with a great sense of pride. I did cry when everyone applauded it. That really made the whole process worthwhile.”


Bath College has a number of notable music alumni, including Gabrielle Aplin, Bite the Buffalo and Laura Doggett.
Miss Aplin went on to sign a deal with Parlophone Records and steal the nation’s heart with a Christmas number one in 2013.
The showcase at Moles will feature bands and acoustic singers, catering to a broad range of musical tastes.
Those playing include The Harry Miller Band, Tea and Biscuits, Just Parsons, Grace Paterson and Hope McKeever.
Music fans are encouraged to meet the performers, chat with them about their music and link with them on social media.
Music lecturer Ginny Saunders said: “The end of year show is one of our favourite nights in the college year. It’s a chance for every student to show how far they’ve come as performers, with everyone taking to the stage either as part of a band or as solo singer-songwriters.
“Throughout their two-year course students are regularly encouraged to put on live shows and release their own music.
“They work towards developing outstanding songwriting and performance skills, as well as learning ways of promoting and marketing themselves in a hugely competitive global industry.
“The end of year show, along with the release of the end of year album, is a chance for us to celebrate student talent.”
The new album will be available to buy for £3. Doors open at Moles at 6pm on Monday June 6.

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