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Stonemasonry student Morwenna Harrington had the chance to work on a £19 million building project for her work experience.
Morwenna, who is studying Level 2 stonemasonry, spent time working at Saw Close in Bath, the location for a new casino, hotel and restaurant complex.
Saw Close was designed with the help of architects AWW and Aaron Evans Associates, together with Mi-space, part of the Midas Group.

Bath College employability adviser Jason Noch arranged Morwenna’s work experience with the Midas Group, and onsite, Morwenna worked alongside stonemasons from Farmington Natural Stone.
Stonemasons are using ashlar sandstone to clad the new buildings, and they showed Morwenna how to fix the stone panels in place.
Morwenna, 24, is looking for a company to sponsor her as an apprentice so she can continue to study for a Level 3 qualification at Bath College next year.
She said: “The team were really nice. I enjoyed being left to work on the line of ashlar – I built up a bit of momentum.

“Having completed this work experience, I definitely feel a bit more confident going out and finding an apprenticeship. Just being able to say I have some experience is really helpful.
“I was working on the hotel that will be part of the new complex. I’ve seen a lot of new buildings going up around Bath and it’s good to be able to think I’ve helped to work on this one.”
Morwenna, from Bath, is working in retail at the moment, but is hoping to forge a new career in stonemasonry through her studies at Bath College.
Interested in an apprenticeship? Find out about apprenticeships at Bath College here.

She said: “I’ve worked in retail since I was 16. I decided I wanted to do something new, but I didn’t know what I was looking for. I was looking through college prospectuses and the stonemasonry courses stood out. I’m really glad I chose to purse it as a trade.
“Being a female stonemason isn’t something you think about as a career choice, but there are a few women on the course here at college. I did think about what it would be like working on a building site where there are more men than women, but it wasn’t a big deal at all.
“Now I’m in my second year, I’m looking for an employer to sponsor me as an apprentice so I can work and study at the same time.”

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