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Students from Bath College will be cheering on boxer Georgina Stone, who is taking part in her first fight at the Bath Pavilion this month.

Georgina, from Radstock is studying English at Bath College, and is also training to become a fully-qualified fitness instructor. The 25-year-old has a passion for sport, and played for Bristol City FC when she was younger, but has never boxed before.


She is taking part in an eight-week coaching programme with Ultra White Collar Boxing at the Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Bath. After training finishes, Miss Stone will face her first fight during a charity match for Cancer Research UK on Saturday July 8th.

She said: “I’ve always enjoyed sport at school and I’ve always wanted to pursue it as a career, which is why I’m training to become a personal trainer and fitness instructor.

“There are 30 people in my boxing group, including four girls. When you first start, everyone’s fitness levels are different. They make you run around the block, and there are people who struggle, but we make sure we cheer them on – it’s all about teamwork.

“When you’re finding it hard to punch and you can’t keep your arms up, they’re constantly encouraging you. We’re all here to get fit and do something good for charity. You feel tired after boxing, but also really good and proud of your wellbeing.”


Georgina, who is studying for an English GCSE with the Adult Community Learning team at Bath College, will be taking her exams next year.

After a tough start in life, including being made homeless at the age of 14, she is determined to do well and improve her original GCSE grades.

Members of her English class are backing her to do well on July 8th, and as well as sponsoring her, they will be at the fight to cheer her on.

Miss Stone said: “My English class is a great group. You’re always hesitant on the first day, when you first go into the classroom, but after that you look forward to going back again.

“As a fitness instructor, I’ll be doing personal assessments for people and I have to make sure that the information I’m putting down is correct. It’s a lot of responsibility, but this English class has given me a lot more understanding and confidence.

“My advice to anyone thinking about going back to college would be, if there’s something that you want to do in life, go and do it.”

To sponsor Georgina click here and to book tickets for the fight click here.

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