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Students at Bath College were proud to show off their creations during the annual Holburne Lantern Procession.


Hundreds of people carrying hand-made lanterns took to the streets of Bath for the procession, organised by the Holburne Museum.




At Bath College, students studying for an NOCN Diploma in Independent Living Skills took part in lantern making workshops.


They made a giant owl and a werewolf, inspired by the theme for this year’s lantern procession – an enchanted forest.




Bath College student Daniel Wiltshire came up with the idea of creating a werewolf and Sammy-Jo Lakey suggested the owl.


Students studying Independent Living Skills at Bath college have a range of learning difficulties.


The workshops will go towards their diploma to show how they have developed team-working skills.


Two teams worked together to make the willow structure needed for the two animals, before covering these in paper.


DSCF5196 [1]


Jane Samson, from the college’s foundation learning department, said: “It was a challenging task for them.


“They had three sessions and they had to get a lot done in that time. It’s a bit like a production line –there’s a lot of component parts that have to be made.


“It was difficult for them to imagine what it was going to be like and what it was going to look like when it was done.


“Seeing the lanterns lit up on the night was great. It’s so good for their confidence – they were buzzing.


“It’s lovely to be in the lantern parade because it carries you along. All the people waving and taking photos is great, it keeps you going.”

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