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Rescued rabbits Scooby and Velma have been given a new home at Bath College’s Somer Valley Campus.


The pair were adopted from Bath Bunny Rescue, based in Twerton, and are being used to teach students how to handle large rabbits.


They are settling in at the same time as a pair of rosella parakeets, a blue-tounged skink and a Syrian hamster named Oreo.




Students studying animal care at Bath College look after hundreds of animals every day, from rodents to chickens, fish and reptiles.


However, Scooby and Velma are the biggest rabbits at the college.


Supervisor Katie Parfitt said: “I saw that Scooby and Velma were larger rabbits, which we thought would be excellent for teaching correct restraints in animals.


“I like to help rescues as I believe it is very good for students to work with animals that may not have had the best start in life.


“They can see the progress made and the techniques used to gain an animal’s trust. This helps give them skills for careers in rescue centres.


“It’s lovely to see Scooby and Velma grooming each other’s faces and siting side by side eating hay together. They both really love food and can’t get enough carrots!


“As rabbits are such sociable animals it is always best if possible to keep two together.”


Scooby and Velma


The land-based department at Bath College was refurbished from September to October to include new animal tanks and cages.


Now the college has the space to home animals like Sidney, a three-year-old male skink, who likes to eat fruit, insects, small birds, eggs and dead mice.


Miss Parfitt said: “Due to the investment that has been made in upgrading the animal accommodation we had space and a lovely large vivarium, so we acquired him.


“We have lots of lizards and snakes, but the skink is a good link between these and is something different for the students to learn about.




“To prepare students for a career in the animal care industry they need to realise there is an awful lot of feeding and cleaning carried out every day of the year.


“All animal care courses, from entry level up to level 3, have both practical duties and practical handling sessions timetabled into every week.”

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