Assigning Avatars Staff User Guides

Step 1 – Registering a Gravatar Account


In order to add an avatar you will need a Gravatar account.

  1. To register go to gravatar.com and click “Sign In” (located in the top right of the page).
  2. Next click “Create an Account” (at the bottom of the page).
  3. Now input the following details:
    1. Your @bathcollege.ac.uk email address.
    2. Any appropriate username you desire.
    3. A very strong password.
  4. Then click “sign up”.
  5. Once you receive the confirmation email, please click the link.




Step 2 – Uploading an Avatar (Image)


Once you have confirmed your email you will be able to upload an image to use as an avatar.


1. Navigate to https://en.gravatar.com/emails/ and click “Add a new image” at the bottom.




2. On the next page select “From URL” and enter:





3. You will then be asked to crop your image. Make sure the dotted box is as big as it can be like the image below:



Then press “Crop and Finish!”


4. This final page will ask you what age rating your avatar should be set to.

Please select “rated G” on the far left and confirm.




Your avatar has now been assigned but may take up to 48 hours to take effect.


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