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Connecting to Chat


In order to connect as a chat operator you must first log in and navigate to the WordPress admin dashboard.


admin-menuThe easiest way to do this is by logging atĀ https://www.bathcollege.ac.uk/wp-admin/.


Once authenticated, you will notice a list of options in the black sidebar on the left.

Please select “Visual Chat” and wait for the page to redirect you to the homepage.


Once loaded, there will be a control bar at the bottom of the page.





Switching Status






You will be set as offline when you first connect. Simply switch the “OFF” button to “ON” to become active.





Incoming Requests


When a visitor requests a chat, a highlighted tab will appear in the admin panel.




An operator can accept a chat by selecting the highlighted tab and pressing “Accept this chat”.




Once a chat has been accepted, the discussion panel will expand for more options to appear.



Preset Sentences



Operators can choose between several preset sentences in order to speed up common enquiries and avoid repeatedly typing common phrases.


To use a preset sentence, click on the “Sentences” dropdown menu on the right of the admin panel and select the desired sentence.


The sentence will now appear in your text field like it had been typed.


The option to set up new preset sentences is available in the chat plugin settings. Please contact the Marketing department with sentences additions unless you have had training.



Chat Transfers



Chat sessions can be easily transferred between operators. In order to transfer a chat, simply select the “Transfer chat” dropdown button on the right of the admin panel.


From here you will see a list of other available operators which you may transfer the chat.


Note: If no other operators are available to accept the transfer the list will display “undefined”.



Chat Termination


stop-chatOnce the chat is finished the operator will need to terminate the chat session.

This can be done by selecting “Stop chat” from the right side of the admin panel.



Chat Logs


user-log-buttonPrevious user chat logs are saved in the database for future reference.

The chats log of any user can be accessed by selecting “See user logs” to the left of the admin panel.



Element Sharing


An operator can redirect a visitor to another page and highlight a particular element with an arrow.


1. Select “Select an element” from the bottom right of the admin panel.




2. Navigate to the desired page.

3. Press “Select an element” again.

4. Click on the desired element.


The desired element should now be highlighted.




Once the correct element is highlighted, press “yes” in the admin panel.




The next chat message that is sent to the user will redirect them to the highlighted element.


Note: Nothing will happen until a message is sent to the user!



Known Issues


Please do not accept chat invites while status switch is set to “OFF”.

If this is done, the chat is accepted but no field is given for text input (no box to type messages into).

To resolve this, the operator must refresh the page and switch the status to “ON” again.

This will lose the previously accepted chat sessions without notifying the visitor.



Additional Information


For documentation on assigning avatars to operator accounts, please see “Staff User Guide: Assigning Avatars“.

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