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Happy new year everyone! I hope you have all had a great Christmas break and ready to get stuck back into college! We have dedicated 3 weeks this month to try something new, motivation and health.


I have been standing at doorways from 8.30am giving out motivational quotes to start their day; it was great pleasure making people smile and wishing them a good day.


For a lot of you, you will have made New Year’s resolutions that you are sticking to. Tess and I ran an event called “Float your hopes” we got students to write their hopes for the year on a balloon and let it go! Lots of you also shared your resolutions on our chalk board, some busy years’ ahead!


Our SU members Ann-Marie and Lawrence ran a First Aid awareness stall to promote the basic first aid to students. It was shocking the amount of students that don’t know the basic first aid which could save lives.


We held a Re-fresher’s fair this month based on a “New Year, New Me” we held this event in our try something new week. We promoted sports, societies, student services, events and ideas. It was great to see so many students getting involved! Our SU members Louie and Henry ran a 3D modelling stall to for other students to try something new.


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