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Wow this year has really flown by, it’s crazy! I am searching for a student to take over my role as Students’ Union President as well as signing up people for the Students’ Union 2016/17. While I have been chatting to students I have really realised what a great opportunity Bath college has given me. Being  the Students’ Union President has been the best thing I have ever achieved. I have learnt so much about life and myself. It has given me the confidence boost I really needed and learning skills I already thought I had; even little things like writing formal emails to big things like chairing meetings to organising trips and events. I hope to pass all this on to another student like me, I look forward to them benefiting from this amazing opportunity like I have.
Other than recruiting a new team I have been working with Tess and helping her with her Mental Health Awareness month campaign. We held an event called ‘Chalk and Talk’ we got students to help us draw/write all over the path out the back of the college. Students loved it; there were some great pieces of work. It really got staff and students talking about Mental Health and having a positive look on to what we were doing.  She set up a Welfare festival which went so well! We had an ice cream van, free stress balls, stalls and sumo suits. Everyone got together and took the time to #talkbathcollege it was great to see so many students getting involved on the day, including the music students who played sets throughout the festival. You did a great job!  As part of the mental health awareness month I have been giving out compliments and leaving a sheet for students to take a compliment. Everyone needs to learn to accept and like compliments.
We have had our first GCSE exam this month, the team and I have been out wishing the students good luck and handing out water and fruit to those taking the exams. We are also going to repeat this after half term with the other GCSE exams.
And its half term again! You lot have a good week off. Those taking their exams when you come back don’t forget to take a break during that heavy load of revision!

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