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We have BIG news from April, but at the same time there’s not much to tell. Thank you half term for saving us all from college work and giving us a sunny 2 weeks off. I hope you all enjoyed yourself and made lots of memories!


It was Earth Week this month so we made a cute gratitude garden for students to get involved in. Check out the photographs on our Facebook and Instagram #bathcollsu


So now to our big news! As you are all aware we have been recruiting a new Students’ Union team. The candidates that signed up have been campaigning for your votes over a two weeks period! Well results are in and we have our new team! Thank you for those who took the time to vote.


Congratulations to the following students and our very own Student’s Union officers who will be your..




Tesh Baber –  President 

James Stewart – Vice President

Ephraim Sampson – Events Officer

Jonathan Waldeck – Media and Promotions Officer

Paige Baker – Sports and Societies Officer

Perry Evry – Equality and Diversity Officer

Oliver Watkins – Higher Education Officer


I have confidence in saying these guys will do you proud. They will stand up for the needs of Bath college students, campaign for change and set up some crazy events! Good luck to you all.


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