“So grateful for all the information and the possibility of being able to attend the college full time. Happy that the NHS came and visited – have now found the job that I wanted!”

– Sean, Health and Social Care Workskills, 2018

“The tutor really was the most brilliant career coach – extremely knowledgeable, kind and approachable. The Age Positive course helped me enormously, and provided me with a constructive focus while I searched for jobs. It really is a wonderful service you are providing – long may it continue!”

– Rebecca, Age Positive: Job seeking for the over 40s, 2018

“We were put at ease very quickly. There was a nice mix in the group and it was helpful to chat about the future. It’s given me the push to look at voluntary work.”

– Ruth, Inspire Me! Rethink your future, 2018

“I’ve been unemployed for a while and the course has given me confidence. It’s improved my well-being, it’s revived my abilities and given me the motivation to get up and get a job again.”

– Harjinder, Roots to Work, 2016

“The best employability course I’ve ever been on.”

– Amanda, Age Positive: Job seeking for the over 40s, 2016.

“Very interesting and helpful, this can help me work towards my goal of getting a good job in the future”

– Babatunde, CSCS Training, 2018.

“Really useful information. I feel more confident.”

– Hilary, Developing Personal Confidence, Motivation and Assertiveness, 2016

“I am really pleased that I now have a CV that has some resemblance to who I am. Also, that I can look at my future in terms of opportunity and not 20 years of doing something that I hate.”

– Matthew, Employability Skills, 2015

“I would like to thank you for this help to unlock my interpersonal skills.”

– Norbert, Keep Positive: Managing Stress, 2017


“Interesting and exciting. I love learning again – looking forward to next term and being with the group again!”

– Michelle, Maths, 2019

“I’ve enjoyed the course because the atmosphere is friendly and very inviting. It’s made me confident with English and writing so I can get on better with getting a job. I’ve been able to improve my CV – now it’s more in-depth.”

– Samantha, English, 2016

“This course is fantastic. I have learnt lots of things like how to use punctuation and grammar. Before I was not as confident. Last year I studied a Maths course and now I am doing GCSE Maths. Hopefully by the end of this year I can do GCSE English as well.”

– Ahmad, English, 2016

“I felt part of a team, a lovely friendly group. The course is allowing me to be more confident and professional.”

– Sally, English, 2016

“The tutor is happy to go over things again and again so you don’t feel stupid asking. I was able to write my own Christmas cards this year and that was a really big thing.”

– Lesley, English, 2016

“The teaching and the course has helped me to further my English to go on to do GCSE at Bath College.”

– Jasmine, English, 2016




“I am not frightened to turn on a computer anymore!”

– Denise, Computer Confidence, 2016

“The course has helped me towards refreshing knowledge and gaining new skills”

– Andrew, Moving on with Computers, 2018

“It was a very good course, the tutor was so informative and very patient with us all.”

– Sheila, Get Started with iPads, 2016

“I found this confidence building course has helped me a lot over the last four weeks.”

– Christine, Computer Confidence, 2016

“A valuable course which has moved my ability to use an iPad and has opened new horizons. I have managed to teach my husband a few things too!”

– Juliet, Get Started with iPads, 2016

“I was really intimidated by the idea of spreadsheets before this course. But I feel like I have the learnt the basics and can try for myself.”

– Kate, MS Excel, 2016


“Excellent tutor! I have never painted in my life and now feel more confident. It was really inspiring.”

– Chris, Art Techniques & Gallery, 2016

“Really enjoyed creating my painting, I intend to buy my own watercolours to improve my skills. Painting gives me a good feeling, I can’t wait for next course to start!”

– Sandra, Art Techniques, 2018

“As someone currently unemployed due to health difficulties, it’s been an excellent resource, improving my daily well-being. The course has increased my overall confidence and health. Thank you!”

– Rhiannon, Chinese Brush Painting, 2015

“These courses are a lifeline for me. New skills and experience and good company.”

– Judith, Art Techniques & Gallery, 2016

“An excellent course and teaching. I want to continue and develop more artistic and social skills.”

– Brenda, Introduction to Acrylic Painting, 2016

“Being retired I am not seeking employment but I do enjoy participating in art courses as they extend my abilities and challenge me.”

– Juliet, Art Techniques & Gallery, 2015



“It has given me the initiative to come out, join in and meet people and I’ve really enjoyed that. I am on my own so it’s nice to be able to know about cooking and do it for myself. I don’t rely on ready meals now.”

– Rosalind, Cook and Eat, 2016

“I found this course very helpful and confidence building.”

– Peter, Men’s Cookery for over 55s, 2016

“I live on my own and I cook 6 days a week. I’m quite good but I don’t have much variety in what I eat. I tend to play it safe, so coming here has given me the ideas to be more adventurous.”

– Philip, Cook and Eat, 2016

“A really interesting course, well presented and all just at the right level.”

– Susan, Food Safety Level 2 award, 2016

“I’ve enjoyed it from the start to the finish. I’ve been married for 50 years and my wife’s done most of the cooking in that time. I like to do it 2 or 3 times a week now to give her a break so she can explore her hobbies without needing to cook for me.”

– Keith, Cook and Eat, 2016


“I really enjoyed the floristry course. It was good to learn new skills in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. It was also nice to meet new people. The tutor was very helpful and encouraging. It would be lovely if a further course could be offered to build on what we learned on this course.”

– Aileen, Perfect Posies: Floristry for Beginners, 2016

“Really good course for team working and developing social skills.”

– Denise, Conservation for Beginners, 2016

“Joining the floristry course has given me the opportunity to go out & meet new people in a relaxed & easily accessible venue. I feel a sense of achievement at producing something that challenges my fine motor skills and stimulates the brain.”

– Anne, Perfect Posies: Floristry for Beginners, 2016

“This course has given me an immense feeling of achievement.”

– Deanna, Beginners’ Animal Care, 2016



“Being a carer, the course helped me by meeting others in similar situations, learning about Roman life & visiting the Roman Baths.”

– Sylvia, Health and Wellbeing: A Journey Through Time, 2018

“I have found the course very helpful. It made me realise I have a life, opinion and need to get out and meet people, which I find stimulating. Thank you.”

– Maddie, Healthy Happy Minds, 2016

“I really enjoyed the two days. The course made me feel at ease and it was a very supportive learning environment. Learnt lots and has improved my confidence greatly!”

– Harriet, Introduction to Trainer Skills, 2016

“Please can we have another Healthy Happy Minds course. I have really enjoyed meeting new people, it’s a bonus.”

– Jenny, Healthy Happy Minds, 2016

“It is surprising how powerfully effective photography is at building positive mental health. Engaging in the Snap and Stroll project has helped me to attain a greater sense of natural focus and calmness and reignited my passion for taking a stroll with my camera.”

– Carolyn, Snap and Stroll, 2016


“I really enjoyed all these sessions. The tutor is so helpful to both the adults and children.”

– Amy, Getting It Together: Family Learning, 2017

“I enjoyed participating in the activity with Ashton as it’s not always easy to have one-on-one time as much as I would like to at home.”

– Abbie, Getting It Together, Family Learning, 2017

“I really enjoyed the spray painting, and seeing Riley sitting and listening well made me so proud.”

– Sarah, Getting It Together, Family Learning, 2017