December - Malisa Kelly December - Malisa Kelly ESPA UK

December - Malisa Kelly


“As much as I love learning, I like to be doing something practical and this apprenticeship has proved that I can learn on the job. I would say that university isn’t your only option, you need to be open-minded and look at different career paths.
“I feel so lucky to have been placed somewhere like this. I feel like I fit into the family and everyone has been amazing.”
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November - Josh Cottle

Cross Manufacturing

“I feel that I have grown in confidence and my attention to detail has improved. When I opted for my apprenticeship, I was told the maths was going to be at a higher level. However since being an apprentice, my maths has improved without me realising.”

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October - Veronica Savaia October - Veronica Savaia Figo Hair

October - Veronica Savaia

Figo Hair

“Studying for a hairdressing apprentices takes two years, instead of one year on a full-time course. However, you’re earning money, you’re already gaining work experience and you’re treated as an adult. If you’re studying a full-time course, it might be harder to find a job with less experience.”
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September - Arthur Parsons

S M Parsons Ltd

“I went straight into an apprenticeship from school, I was 16 at the time. I was one of the only ones at school going off to do an apprenticeship, but it’s something that I would recommend. It’s enjoyable and if you have an interest in something, you should follow that.”
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July - Daniel Marriott July - Daniel Marriott GEM Solution

July - Daniel Marriott

GEM Solution

“Although I was working as a labourer, there wasn’t a career progression route and it wasn’t something that I could see myself doing in ten years’ time.
“Now every day I spend at work is time spent investing in my future, because I’m closer to completing my apprenticeship. I enjoy working as an apprentice because the company has invested in you and you feel respected.”
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June - Anna Parkinson


“On completing my A-levels in maths, physics and chemistry, I chose to do an apprenticeship at Rotork rather than going to university. I chose to do this to stay ahead of graduates, gain valuable experience and continue with further education while being paid.”
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May - Hajraah Qureshi May - Hajraah Qureshi The University of Bath

May - Hajraah Qureshi

The University of Bath

“Being here is like being on a work placement, you’re meeting new people all the time. It’s nice going into work knowing you have projects to be working on and people you need to talk to.
“Some of my friends are still doing their A-levels, and then they will go to university, so I do feel as though I have a head start in terms of gaining experience.”
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April - Matt Rose

TH White Dairy

“I would highly recommend an apprenticeship. If I wasn’t doing this, I don’t know what I would be doing (but now I have a trade for life). Air conditioning and refrigeration is everywhere, so there’s a demand for jobs.
“You can go to any place that has air conditioning and refrigeration and ask them who does their service and maintenance, and then you can ask that company for a job. It’s about using your initiative.”
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March - James Smith March - James Smith Royal United Hospitals Bath

March - James Smith

Royal United Hospitals Bath

“An apprenticeship is better because you’re getting a qualification and earning money at the same time. It’s taught me that this is the career I want to be in, and I’ve grown in confidence because it has given me more to talk about in an interview situation.”

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February - Sophie Coupe

B Hairdressing

“It’s tough but it’s about having the right attitude. You have to work the hours, but then you’re earning money at the same time. I thrive on the fact that I am constantly improving.”

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January - Becky Howard January - Becky Howard Curo

January - Becky Howard


“It’s hard to study business administration at college, it’s easier to get hands-on experience. I feel I’ve learnt more, and the more experience you get the more you can do within the business.”

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December - Stewart Angell

The Genesis Trust

“I struggled through my education and I walked out of school with no qualifications at the age of 16. I’ve gained confidence through volunteering at the Genesis Trust and through my apprenticeship. Before that, I kept myself to myself so it has made a massive difference to my confidence levels.”

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November - Lauren Atwell November - Lauren Atwell ESPA UK

November - Lauren Atwell


“Find the right opportunity for you. Think about what you’re interested in learning about and try and find something based on that. Because you’re working you get to see what employers want from you as an employee. I think employers really value experience.”

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October - Brett Burnell

St Fagans National History Museum

“As a 37-year-old man with family and bills to pay, going back to college seemed almost impossible. The apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to keep earning and gain the qualifications I need to further my career. I would say go for it, it’s hard work but it’s worth it.”

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September - Jordan Griffiths September - Jordan Griffiths Weiss Technik UK

September - Jordan Griffiths

Weiss Technik UK

“I have site visitors from the college, they come to see me working to make sure I know my trade. I also have trained engineers at my workplace who show me what to do. It’s good to get stuck in and work with my hands. I’m not just sat at a desk and it’s not just theory – you’re actually doing something. It’s prepared me for work.”

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August - Bobbie Clarke


“Some people said ‘you’re going to make lots of cups of tea as an apprentice’ but I haven’t had to do that. I have my own projects so I’m quite independent, my manager treats me as another member of staff. I manage my own workload and my own diary – I enjoy the independence.”

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July - Liz Doughty July - Liz Doughty The Bath Vet Group

July - Liz Doughty

The Bath Vet Group

“It’s a very intense course (the amount they pack into the two years) but our tutor at Bath College has been amazing. I like working at the same time as studying, it helps you apply what you’ve learnt. It’s given me a route into the career I wanted. I didn’t think it was possible before.”

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June - Scott Jardine


“People can leave university with large debts and no guarantee of a job, but with an apprenticeship I was one step ahead with my career.

“I found my voice was heard and my involvement was valued by managers, who put their trust in you to carry out tasks. I was treated the same as any other member of staff.”

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