FAQ's Information for Apprentices

Can I apply for more than one placement?

Yes. You can apply for as many as you want through the college or apprenticeships.org.uk.



If I don't get the placement I have applied for can I get more help?

Yes. You can contact Bath College Student Advice on info@bathcollege.ac.uk.


There are pre-apprenticeship courses to help build your CV.


The apprenticeships team are always happy to answer questions apprenticeships@bathcollege.ac.uk.



I don't have any work experience – can I do an apprenticeship?

Yes. Although employers often like some work experience if they are  employing an apprentice then they know they are taking someone to train up.



Is there an age limit on apprentices?

No. You can do an apprenticeship at any age, however there is less funding the older you get so it can be harder to find a placement and  you or your employer may have to contribute to the cost of the course.



I have a degree – can I do an apprenticeship?

You can do an apprenticeship, however, there is no government funding for people who already have a level 4 (degree or equivalent) qualification and as such you will need to pay the course fees – this will be at least several thousand pounds.

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