What Next? Information for Apprentices

If you have seen the perfect apprenticeship for you, please email your CV, including all of your contact details and the job you are interested in, to apprenticeships@bathcollege.ac.uk or call the Apprenticeships Team on 01225328683.


If you already have an employer and would like to start an apprenticeship, please email apprenticeships@bathcollege.ac.uk, giving details of the apprenticeship you want to take and the employer who has offered you a placement.


If you are undecided, have questions or need help, email info@bathcollege.ac.uk or apprenticeships@bathcollege.ac.uk. You can also telephone the Student Advice Centre on 01225 328715 or the Apprenticeship Team on 01225 328683.


To Apply

Whatever kind of apprenticeship you are interested in the key thing is to find an employer. There are a number of ways to go about getting an employer and the best method depends somewhat on the type of apprenticeship you want so here are some guidelines, read them all because you area of interest may come up more than once:


  1. For all types of apprenticeship make use of the National Apprenticeships website www.apprenticeships.org.uk. Using this you can make a profile and search for vacancies by keyword, location, college/learning provider and a range of other filters. For apprenticeships in office based roles, hospitality, IT, sport and hairdressing, Bath College regularly receives vacancies from employers; we occasionally get vacancies in all the apprenticeships we deliver so you can check our live vacancies on the college website. From the home screen you can click on the ‘apprenticeships’ tab on the left hand side and then on the vacancies tab.
  2. For apprenticeships in plumbing, electrical installation, carpentry and bench joinery, stonemasonry, refrigeration and air-conditioning, hairdressing and barbering and various hospitality roles the best way to get an employer is to write to potential employers yourself including your CV, you reasons for wanting this role and some details on apprenticeships. If you choose to do this contact apprenticeships@bathcollege.ac.uk first and we can provide some guidance on things you should include in the letter.
  3. For all apprenticeships make use of social media, family and friends. There are lots of facebook pages and twitter feedsthat you can subscribe to get regular updates on new vacancies. You can alsoget help from friends and family if you know anyone who works in a sector thatinterests you then make use of their knowledge or anyone they know who might bewilling to take you as an apprentice.
  4. Talk to your school careers adviser, connections or jobcentre staff or get advice from Bath College by contacting adviseme@bathcollege.ac.uk.


Things you will need in order to apply for an apprenticeship:


  • A CV. Don’t worry if it is not perfect we can help you with that, but you will need something to start from.
  • A sensible email address that you check regularly.
  • A phone number where you will either answer calls from unknown numbers or have a message service that you check regularly.
  • A logon for the national apprenticeships website.

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