How to Pay Full-Time

Paying in full at time of enrolment


You must provide the full amount of the course fees (as indicated alongside your chosen course/s) together with your completed Learning Agreement (Enrolment Form) and, where necessary, an official letter confirming receipt of benefits, dated within the last 6 months, to apply for a course fee reduction.


Please note that postal enrolments which are incomplete or do not have payment included will be returned for completion. This may delay your enrolment and a place on the course may be lost.



Methods of payment available


  • Cash
  • Debit card – most debit cards issued by financial institutions are accepted by the College
  • Credit card – most major credit cards including Access, Visa, MasterCard and Barclaycard are accepted
  • Cheque (with cheque guarantee card) or Postal Order – payable to ‘Bath College’ and crossed ‘Account payee only’. The following details should be written (in block capitals) on the back of your cheque/postal order:
    • course title and course code
    • name and address of student



If your employer is paying for your course

An Authority for Invoicing Fees 2020-21 form is for your sponsor, employer or managing agent to complete. This form must be attached to your enrolment form.



Paying by Instalments

If your course, or combination of courses, costs £300 or more you may choose to pay by three equal instalments. The first due at enrolment and the other two installments must be paid in consecutive months by standing order, starting the month after enrolment.


In addition, if you are enrolling on a short course, fees must be paid in full at least eight weeks before the end of your course. All fees are due in all circumstances.


If you choose to pay by instalments you should complete a Standing Order Mandate form (C024). Please enter all your bank details on the form. This should include the name, address and sort code of your bank, the account number, the account holder’s name and the amount due.


The completed form should be presented to the College together with your Learning Agreement (Enrolment Form). Please ensure that you also enclose, or bring with you, your first installment. Once enrolled, you will be liable for full fees.



Fees for International students

For further information please see Course Fees for International Students or please telephone 01225 312191 ext 723 or 724. Bath College is a EURO-FRIENDLY ZONE. You can pay in Euros at the rate of exchange on the day you pay for your course.



What do my fees cover?

Fees cover a number of services including:

  • tuition, resources (including materials), and exams on your chosen course/s,
  • access to the Learning Centre,
  • access to student services such as careers guidance and counselling,
  • membership of the Students’ Union
  • support from the College administrative systems


If you are enrolling on the first year of a two year course, further fees will be payable for the second year. The tuition fee for the second year of the course will be held at the same rate as those for the current year regardless of other fee increases.




If for any reason the College has to cancel a course and no alternative course is acceptable, we will fully refund all fees paid. However, other than in truly exceptional circumstances, the College will not refund fees to a student who voluntarily withdraws from a course. Requests for refunds must be sent in writing to the Enrolments Office.


A copy of our full Terms and Conditions of enrolment can be seen on this website or are available on request.

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