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Here at Bath College English Language School we know that we can enhance your learning experience by providing exciting activities which complement your classes. Therefore, every term we make sure that your time here is as memorable as possible by running various regular events or trips.


Enrichment events:


Term 1


September: A day of celebrating languages around the world


October: National Poetry day – celebrating poets and poetry across the world

See below for an example of a student’s poem, and also a link to a compilation of our favourite poems this year.





November: International Food Festival – celebrating food and recipes from around the world


– November: Celebrating Thanksgiving



– December: Pantomime



Term 2

January to March: Shakespeare drama club and play

February: Day trip to local tourist site

March: World Book Day celebrations

March: Comic Relief – celebration of humour to raise money for charity

March: Team challenge competition


(‘As You Like It’ – April 2015 – The English Language School drama group)


Term 3

April: Celebration of St George’s Day

May: Day trip to local tourist site

May: Comedy sketches event – ESL drama club

June: World Environment Day

June: Bath College Olympics


Europeanday4a Europeanday_Spain1














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