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Bath College has many years’ experience of helping under-18-year-olds to study. We have services, policies and procedures in place for all our under-18s which apply at all times. However our term-time (Sept to June) English language courses primarily cater for students who are over 18 years old.


Whilst we welcome students over 16, it should be understood that we do not provide 24-hour supervision and therefore it is very important that parents and guardians consider whether students under 18 are sufficiently emotionally mature to act responsibly during their stay at our college. Some students may be more suited to another provision specifically designed for the under 18 age group.


Parents and guardians of under-18 year olds should be aware of the following:


  • By signing or clicking the declaration at item 9 of the application form, parents or guardians are deemed to have given full consent for their under 18 year old to attend College, take part in activities, and receive first aid or medical treatment if necessary.
  • Students under the age of 18 attending English language courses will be required to live in homestay accommodation or in accommodation arranged by the parent or guardian and where this has been confirmed in writing as suitable by the parent or guardian.
  • Students under the age of 18 may study in classes with adults.
  • Your child will travel between the College and accommodation unsupervised.
  • Your child will not be supervised during their free time, e.g. between the end of their lessons at the College and returning to their homestay.
  • The College’s social programme is not compulsory, nor is it specifically designed for this age group. Certain activities are not suitable for students under 18. All College social activities are supervised by College staff who can assist the students attending the activity. However it should be understood that students attending evening social events are expected to arrange their own travel home. We strongly advise all students under 18 to return to their host family with a friend, or preferably by taxi, particularly when it is dark.
  • You should ensure that your child has sufficient money to pay for lunches at the College, and for transportation in and around the city.
  • Bath College endeavours to liaise with parents, guardians and registered agents whenever there are concerns about a student under 18. We reserve the right to recommend to parents that a student be withdrawn and alternative provision found if they seem to be unable to demonstrate the maturity we expect to take part in adult classes.
  • Students under the age of 18 should return to their accommodation by 22:00 hours every evening. This is in the interest of their safety and will also ensure they are ready to study the next morning.

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