Halima Tanimu Halima Tanimu

Halima Tanimu

Halima is from Nigeria and studied Computing at Bath College. She said about her studies with us:


“I searched on the internet for a suitable college in England, because I knew that English language is very important for communication around the world, and I found this College. I love Bath. It’s a good place for studying because it is small and quiet and pretty, but there are also plenty of attractions too for the week-end.


Thanks to the College I have made a lot of friends her, and I very much enjoy my classes”


Halima summarised her time at the college into three words: ‘Challenging, interesting studies’

Rajab Bayek

“Hello, I am 26 years old and I come from Libya. I have been studying at Bath College since April 2014 on the full-time English Language course. Eventually I want to get my Master of Engineering, and for this I need to improve my English and Bath College is the best place to learn. I enjoy my classes very much because we do many different exercises and games and the teachers are really nice. I’ve made friends of different nationalities, and every one supports me, so I never feel alone on this course of study. I live in the beautiful city of Bath and share accommodation with two other friendly students. I’m lucky to be here, and I strongly recommend this College for everyone who wants to learn English.”

Zheyu Lu Zheyu Lu

Zheyu Lu

Zheyu Lu, from China, decided to study the International Foundation Year on the recommendation of a teacher.


“I’ve really enjoyed the course at Bath College. The teaching is very professional and I’ve met some really good people too. It’s also helped me improve my English language, which has been so important. I want to study Childhood Education at university, as teaching is something I’m interested in. After university I might go back to China to volunteer as a teacher and then perhaps return to the UK to get a postgraduate qualification.”

Nozomi Akase

“I’m Nozomi Akase. I come from Japan and I’m 26 years old. I’m in Bath because I am studying complementary therapy at Level 3, and I would like to continue at this college on the Spa Therapy course. I love Bath, I think it is the best place for learning English and complementary therapy, thanks to the Roman past of this city, and it’s also a very calm and safe city. I was so nervous when I arrived to start my course, but my classmates were very supportive, and I made good friends. My class is very lively and the teacher really cares about international students.”

Oyin Obadeyi Oyin Obadeyi

Oyin Obadeyi

Oyin Obadeyi, from Nigeria, said she chose the International Foundation Year as it was the best route for her to enter university in the UK.


“I wanted to go to university in England but my qualifications were not recognised in the UK, so the International Foundation Year was the best option for me. A friend of mine who was studying in Bath said it was a great city, so it was an easy decision for me to make. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course. I’ve met people from lots of different cultures and backgrounds and the teaching has been great. I’m also enjoying living in Bath. It’s a small city but it’s a beautiful place to live. Choosing to study the International Foundation Year course was definitely the right decision for me.”


From Qatar is studying in the English Language School at Bath College. Rashid said that the College has helped him achieve his goal.


“I love Bath College because I’ve made a lot of friends. I learn new things every day and there are lots of different activities in class and in the college. The teachers have helped me reach my target IELTS score so I have got a place on a university foundation course. Bath is a safe, friendly and beautiful city.”

Laura Laura


From Spain is studying in the English Language School at Bath College. Laura has said of her experience:


“My eight months here have been amazing. I like the college and all the resources such as the library and sports centre. My teachers help me all the time and my English is getting better so I am now taking FCE classes.”