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Opportunities for 14-16 year olds at Bath College


Bath College is pleased to be able to offer opportunities for 14-16 year old students to be able to join specific vocational areas, for which they have developed a passion.  It is recognised that some students have a particular affinity for a specific vocational area and that this creates a motivation that will enable a young person to study hard and become successful in their chosen subject.


Whilst college life is well suited to meet the needs of the 14-16 year old cohort,  there is a degree of maturity required in order to manage the freedom that being at college affords and to be able to abide by the code of conduct and student behaviour requirements.  All students, and particularly 14-16 year olds, need to be emotionally mature enough to make the most of their time at college.


The application and interview process is designed to allow prospective students to demonstrate their passion and commitment to their chosen vocational area, these will need to be in evidence during the interview process in order to gain a place at college. Interviewing staff at college will facilitate a conversation at interview which will help determine whether a college place would be suitable, each young person is assessed on an individual basis. College entry is confined to the start of each academic year, in September, entry at other points throughout the year will not be considered.


Pre 16 students are subject to the same standards expected of all students at college, as detailed in the Code of Conduct.  Students who are accepted will be required to successfully complete the six week probationary period to have their place at college confirmed.  In addition, there are a number of sanctions that can be applied through the Disciplinary Procedure to enforce compliance and it should be emphasised, that failure to comply with the code of conduct could result in suspension or exclusion from college.  In either event, the responsibility would therefore lie with the school (at which they are on roll) or parents (if home educated) to make alternative arrangements and to manage the student’s time whilst out of college.


Pre 16 students who have experienced barriers to their learning are likely to need more, rather than less, time in college.  In addition, SEND students may benefit from being in education longer than their peers.  Foundation Learning programmes seek to extend time spent in education by offering alternative courses and/or at different levels, to the ones that they have been offered at secondary school and, as such, it is not considered beneficial for students to join these programmes before the age of 16.  Therefore, no Pre-16 students will be accepted onto any of the Foundation Learning Programmes.


From September 2016, for those pre-16 students who qualify, Bath College will deliver an appropriate level of vocational course, dependent on academic ability, alongside English, maths and employability(please see note below regarding GCSE English and maths) .  However, the college will not provide a full time timetable of 25 hours per week and the home school/ home educator will be responsible for additional study and activities to meet statutory requirements.


Home schools/ home educators will be responsible for providing the funds for any kit, uniform or materials a learner may require (i.e. for catering or hairdressing). Please be aware that due to awarding body restrictions there are occasionally some courses that require a minimum age of 16, which means that not all courses are available for Pre-16 learners.


For the academic year 2016-17, the fee for students coming from a school at which they are on roll will be £4,650, payable in three £1,550 instalments in December, March and June.  If a learner leaves during the year then the payment will be due up to the end of the period in which they left.  For home educated students the funding is provided by the Education Funding Agency (EFA).


Information sharing is a requirement for any students who have an involvement with criminal activity or the Youth Offending service, who are of a safeguarding concern or for those students with SEND or medical needs.  In some cases, for students coming from a school at which they are on roll, it may be necessary to agree a level of funding for any Additional Learning Support (ALS) needs that are apparent, or may arise. For home educated students the funding for ALS is provided by the EFA. In all cases if a student has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or has high needs then additional funding would need to be sought to cover the costs of the additional/ specialist support they may require.


Note on GCSE English and maths:


Please note that in 2016-17, the college will be offering the legacy GCSE English and maths examinations (graded  A* – U) and not the reformed GCSE English and maths examinations (graded 9-1).  In line with EFA/SFA guidance, published on 8th June 2016, only learners aged over 16 (on or before 31st August 2016) will be eligible to take the legacy examinations. All learners who are under 16 (on 31st August 2016) will be required to study for and sit the reformed GCSE examinations. As a result NO pre-16 learners will be able to study GCSE English and/or maths at Bath College during the academic year 2016-17, however they will be able to study towards and sit for Functional Skills English and maths at Level 2 (if appropriate).



Future up-dates to information regarding the provision for Pre-16 learners at the college will be posted here, on the College website.


Should you be interested in placing a young person at the college, the process of application is outlined on the flowchart below.




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