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An overseas company has donated hundreds of pounds worth of equipment to help students gain the practical know-how needed for the world of work.

Refrigeration students at Bath College now have some of the latest controllers at their fingertips, thanks to the generous donation from Eliwell.

The company, which is based in Italy, has donated 20 high-tech refrigeration controllers, which cost about £50 each.

Simon Robinson, Refrigeration Learning Coordinator, presented the Level 2 Refrigeration students with the new controllers and asked them to install them as part of the lesson.

The students have to build a small refrigeration system, incorporating a control panel, and the controllers will make this as realistic as possible for them.

Level 2 Refrigeration student Jacob Cooper, 28, of Bristol said the controllers would really help with the practical side of their learning through electrical installations.

He said: “A controller is a crucial component as it pretty much controls the whole of the refrigeration cycle. It can be set to monitor the temperature to make sure it remains stable.

“These new controllers are a lot easier to use and will be a lot more reliable in giving us exact measurements.

“It’s brilliant to be able to use controllers like this as they are just what is used in the industry. It means we are using the latest technology.”

Simon had emailed the company’s headquarters in Belluno, Italy, to tell them about the practical learning of students.

Business Development Manager Alessandro Padrin said he would be pleased to donate 20 of the latest controller models to the College.

The College plans to continue to work in partnership with Eliwell to help create a realistic learning and training experience for students.

Eliwell has operated for more than 30 years and offers products, control systems and services for refrigeration units, both commercial and industrial, and for air conditioning.

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Pictured above: Refrigeration students put the new controllers to good use.


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