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November already, time is flying by. Pretty much every day I have been out of the office doing Students’ Union tutorials. So far I have spoken to 744 students about the Students’ Union and participation, I have loved going out and chatting to everyone! Hope to see you all getting involved in the future.


Fundraising was a big theme this month with Children in Need. Childcare students and Scarlett worked really hard and raised over £1000 for the cause. It was great fun; I went round with a group of them and helped raise money in the street collection. I also volunteered myself to be pied in the face with shaving foam; not so fun but funny for others.


The team have been getting together and discussing what we are going to do in the future. As a team we set ourselves targets for the year to meet which hopefully reflects what you would like us to be doing.


November is also anti – bullying month so we helped mark this and promote it around campus. Tess started blue Tuesday (CCC) and blue Wednesday (SVC) for an anti-bullying campaign.


Lots planned for December even though its a short month but at least that means CHRISTMAS is soon!



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