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Adult learners have been using their cameras to capture the highs and lows of their lives.

Older members of the community attended a digital photography course that encouraged them to record what it is like to live in the Chew Valley.

They were taught how to use digital cameras to tell the story of their daily routines in and around their homes.

The pictures captured their daily chores such as the housework, feeding the cat, making meals and looking after the grandchildren.

Learners also used their cameras to voice their concerns and raise issues of interest such as the lack of public transport and fly-tipping.

The seven-week community learning class was run by Bath College’s Adult Community Learning in conjunction with the Age UK B&NES charity.

Each learner built up a documentary style collection of photos in the hope they can be exhibited to show others what it is like to live in the Chew Valley.

Annie Sherborne, 66, said: “The course has changed the way I look at things as I now see how living out in the country is itself a form of art.

“I now love taking pictures and I’m going to try to continue to capture how the farming landscape is changing.”

Pat Howland, 55, added: “I’m really pleased with the photos I’ve taken.

“I’ve gained a lot of confidence and I can now show what I’m thinking or doing with the help of a camera.”

The eight learners were taught new camera skills such as composition and lighting, as well as how to store, edit and print images.

They met weekly at the ‘Hub in a Pub’ at the Stoke Inn in Chew Stoke to discuss the photos they had taken that week.

Tutor June Wentland, who is a Bath and North East Somerset’s Reader Development Officer, said the learners were grateful for the chance to express themselves creatively.

She said: “It’s all about people getting in touch with their creative side and telling their own story.

“These people have the chance to record their everyday lives through pictures, it’s life in Chew Valley today.

“Their portfolios are a wonderful recording of daily routines and they depict very personal messages.

“Some people had never used a digital camera before but now they are very interested in photography and want to carry on snapping away.”

The Hub in a Pub is a partnership between Bath College’s Community Learning, The Stoke Inn, Age UK B&NES, Bath and North East Somerset Council’s Library Service.

For more information on Adult Community Learning courses run by Bath College, call (01225) 328720 or email courses@bathcollege.ac.uk

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Pictured above: Adults kept a photo diary of their lives as part of a digital photography community learning course run by Bath College.

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