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Students at Bath College want to tell you about their course that covers the health, welfare, handling and husbandry of animals.

They are keen to share their stories about why they chose to study Animal Care at the Somer Valley Campus.

All the students share a love of animals and name the practical side of caring for the College’s 380 animals as a course highlight. This includes 100 different species of pets and exotic reptiles, such as Stuart Little the bearded dragon and Elvis the Californian king snake.

Courses are very hands-on to give students the industry skills they need to go on to work in a wide range of animal environments. Career options include farming, game keeper, pet shop worker and veterinary nurse.

Students also gain vital on-the-job experience with weekly work placements at places such as HorseWorld, Noah’s Ark Farm and Grimsby Farm.

For more information on Bath College’s Animal Care courses, which start in September, look at the course information on the website at www.bathcollege.co.uk or call 01225 312191


Maisie Vanmeir, 18, of Bristol

BTEC Level 2 Animal Care

“I love animals; it’s as simple as that. I’ve liked being around animals since I was young and now I’m older, nothing’s changed.

“The course is great; I’d definitely recommend it as it’s so hands-on. You spend a lot of time with the animals, learning how to handle them, care for them and cleaning them out.

“I want to go on to find a job caring for animals around the clock. My dream job would be with the RSPCA so I can help neglected animals get back to good health.”


Katie Hell, 18, of Midsomer Norton

BTEC Level 2 Animal Care

“I’ve always been interested in animals. I grew up always having a lot of pets; over the years I’ve had cats, dogs, hamsters and fish. As a child I also remember loving going to the zoo with my grandparents.

“That’s why Animal Care was the obvious choice of course for me, there wasn’t really any other option. The course focuses on the College’s many animals; it’s a lot of fun.

“I really want a career working with big cats, I just think they are really unique animals, they show their emotions and are more predictable than smaller animals.

“I’d love to work in a safari park, that’s my plan.”


Charlotte Arnold, 17, of Midsomer Norton

BTEC Level 2 Animal Care

“I’ve grown up around animals so I always knew what I wanted to do at College. I remember coming to look around the College, seeing all the animals and applying straight away.

“I love being around animals and learning about the way they behave.

“I’d tell others thinking about the course to go for it. The animals are on site and the lessons are very practical.

“I want to go on to work with animals. I’m particularly interested in grooming.”


Farrah Williams, 18, of Frome

BTEC Level 2 Animal Care

“Even when I was at school, I knew I wanted to work with animals. I went to a College Open Evening and really liked what I saw.

“I was used to being around animals as I’ve grown up with cats, dogs, fish, hamsters and bearded dragon lizards.

“I’m really enjoying the course; I like the practical side of learning. I thought I already knew a lot about animals, but I’ve learnt even more.

“I’d like to put what I’ve learnt to good use and work in a pet shop or at kennels.”


Branden Higgins, 16, of Bath

BTEC Level 1 Animal Care

“I wanted to come to this College as my sister and cousins came here, it’s a family thing.

“I like the practical side of the course because I can never spend too much time with the animals.

“I really enjoy looking after animals, feeding them and cleaning them out.

“I’m looking forward to staying on at College to do Level 2 Animal Care. Then it would be great to travel with my love of animals.

“I want to go to Australia to study and take photos of wild animals. I’d be in the middle of nowhere with just the animals.”


Lizzy White, 16, of Bristol

BTEC Level 1 Animal Care

“I knew I wanted to do an Animal Care course and there were no other Colleges nearby offering anything similar.

“Being with the animals at College is like being out in the country as you forget where you are sometimes.

“I just love being around animals, I own my own pony and I have five chickens and four cats

“I want to come back to College in September to do my Level 2 Animal Care. Then I want to end up working with animals.”

WEB Twitter chicken WEB SV Animal Care students

Pictured above: Animal Care students look after the 380 animals at Bath College’s Somer Valley Campus.

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