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A former student at Bath College has been tipped as a rising star by music experts at the BBC just months after finishing his course.

DJ Mary Anne Hobbs was impressed with music technology student Louis Sterling’s work after he submitted his tracks to the BBC Introducing team.

The 18-year-old’s music has been played on BBC Radio Music 6 and last Saturday he was given a 20 minute guest mix slot on BBC Introducing in the West.

BBC Introducing in the West supports unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar artists in the West of England by giving their music airtime.

Louis, an experimental electronic musician, was interviewed by presenter Richard Pitt, who was given a guided tour of the college’s music department.

Bath College has seen a number of music students and ex-students enjoy success, including singer-songwriters Gabrielle Aplin and Laura Doggett.

Louis, known as Auxx to music fans, was 16-years-old when he came to Bath College, where he spent two years learning from tutors and industry professionals.

He said: “The facilities here are fantastic. I’m glad I spent two years on this course because it definitely got me musically to a different place.

“I remember when I first started, on the production side of things I wasn’t as great, everything was quite basic, and then over time I started exploring different sounds.

“The teachers are people who have been in the industry. They really know what they were doing and that was definitely a different thing to get taught by those guys.

“While I was here I met a lot of musicians. For years I was by myself making beats – I was on a solo one-man mission – it’s incredible to meet people that are on the same wave length and musically interesting.”

Louis’ music grabbed the attention of the team at BBC Introducing, who listen to hundreds of songs submitted by aspiring musicians every week.

Presenter Richard Pitt said:  “We listen to absolutely everything, so you need something special to grab your attention.

“I thought it would be good to speak to Louis in his own environment, to see what inspired him.

“We just walked up the stairs when we first arrived and the staircases were full of students going to their next lesson and talking about software.

It’s not the be all and end all of it, but anywhere where people are making music, to have an inspiring environment helps – it’s the creative juices that flow.

“You can see why people come to music college here, it’s a fantastic place.”

Louis, who lives in Odd Down, is taking a gap year to concentrate on his music.

He said: “I will probably end up developing my music further, as well as submitting to other music labels. To end up getting picked, especially by BBC Introducing, was like ‘wow this might end up being a job’.

“When you’ve been making music for a certain amount of time you think ‘it would be awesome to do this more often’.”

Mark Smithers, learning co-ordinator for music technology, said: “We’re really proud to have impressive links with industry

“We have employed industry practitioners, who are practicing music producers, and this has allowed us to facilitate the development of students’ production portfolios – to the point where they are making music which is good enough to go on the radio.

“It goes to show that hard work and dedication can result in impressive things. Louis is tipped as a rising star at the BBC and I am sure we will see more from him very soon”.

Click here to listen to Louis on the radio.


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