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Art and Design

Budding artists, bakers and beauticians got to grips with the basics of portraiture, bread making and body massages at Bath College last weekend.


There was a buzz in the air when people arrived to take part in a Saturday course, as part of the college’s part-time Love2learn programme.


Attendees chose from 11 different courses across the college departments, opting for lessons in finance, ceramics and the history of fashion design.


At the college’s Department of Hospitality, Hair, Beauty and Spa Industries, there were also body massage, holistic treatments and beauty courses on offer.


Ceramics is a popular course at the college and a new BBC2 show from the Great British Bake Off team– Britain’s Best Potter – is set to generate extra interest in the subject.


Art and design lecturer Julia Warin teaches ceramics and showed beginners how to handle clay, as well as some basic techniques.


She said: “They get the feel of the clay first – beginning by making some smaller things, but moving on to making bigger things, either functional or sculptural.


“Many are surprised at what can be achieved in a short time.


“Five of them had never done it before and I had one who is one of my of my regulars – she came because she wanted some extra time.


“Usually they just want to try it out and see what it’s like. Sometimes it’s in preparation to think about joining a longer course.


“Complete beginners always get tuition in the basic techniques when they first start and after a while they become more independent.


“At least two of the people who came will be signing up for a ten week course. It’s very addictive. My students, once they are hooked, they don’t want to stop.”


Bath College offers over 500 adult leisure courses as part of its part-time Love2learn programme, including courses in animal care, cookery, computing and creative writing.


As well as courses in the daytime and evening, the Love2learn programme provides a number of Saturday courses throughout the year.


Director of student services Karen Fraser said: “We are pleased to be able to extend our services and facilities to adult students for day courses such as these.


“It is well documented that learning something new helps to promote health and well-being and we are well placed to be able to provide such an opportunity for local people.


“Our Love2learn students develop new skills, creative or otherwise, and add to the rich diversity of the College’s learning community.


The next date for Saturday courses is Saturday December 5. Courses on this date include papermaking, aromatherapy, pattern cutting and print making.


There will be a number of festive courses available, from a floristry Christmas workshop to speciality bread and festive cake decoration.

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