Welcome to our Virtual Apprenticeship Event, where you can find out all about Apprenticeships and how they work, as well as how we at Bath College can help you. Scroll down to look at the different sections of our event, you can chat to us live at one of our live sessions (day of event only), access our Apprenticeship booklet to see what apprenticeships we can offer, sign up to our newsletter, as well as view some video resources. We also have a manned inbox where you can send in your questions, so if you want to ask something please make use of it, our friendly team will get back to you quickly and try to help!




An Apprenticeship is an alternative to traditional further education, where you learn on the job. You will spend most of your week on the job, learning from your colleagues and mentors, and a small part of your week at College learning theories about your chosen career. You can do apprenticeships at lots of different levels, including degree level, and you get paid to learn! There are hundreds of different sectors that you can enter, including trades, administration, engineering, sports and leisure, legal and law and much more; there is something for everyone! Use the buttons below to go to our website to find out more, or scroll down to view our other resources.






You can attend some live Q&A’s with our Apprenticeship team, including our Apprenticeship Manager John and some of our assessors who work directly with Apprentices across lots of different sectors. Click on the yellow text below to access the live sessions, all sessions are hosted on Zoom and we have included the ID and passcode should you need it (the ID and passcode for each meeting is underneath the meeting banner). Please check the times carefully, and please note these sessions will only occur on the day of the event (Wednesday 3rd March 2021, 2-5pm), so if you are visiting post event these sessions will have expired. You can always make use of our inbox, which is monitored closely Monday-Friday, during working hours.


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To view our most up to date Apprenticeship offerings, you will need to use our Apprenticeship booklet. Use the button below to access it, you can also download it to read later. If you have any questions you can contact our friendly team who will be able to help, you can find the contact details further down this page.






There are lots of helpful resources to help you better understand Apprenticeships, and we’ve compiled some of the best videos together for you to have a look at. We have some videos that we have made, as well as some made by Apprenticeships themselves. As ever, if you have any further queries, our helpful team are on hand to help, and you can find the contact details further down.









If you’d like to get in contact with our friendly team, you can email in your queries to our Apprenticeship Inbox. This inbox is manned during working hours, Monday-Friday and one of our team will get back to you promptly.





If you’d like to be on our contact list to receive updates about Apprenticeships, please fill out the form below. You can register as an individual or a company, and we will tailor the information sent. You can opt out at any time by emailing our Apprenticeship inbox and letting them know you no longer wish to be contacted.


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