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Curo resident James Mogg is on track to fulfil his ambitions after securing an apprenticeship with Bath College.


A year ago, the 24-year-old Bath resident was making sandwiches at a fast-food outlet and struggling to find a job that suited him.


He found his feet on a six-month accredited work placement with housing and support organisation Curo, working with their response team.


Mr Mogg worked with the team handling phone calls and arranging inspections. He was assigned a mentor at Curo and had help from an employability adviser at Bath College, who helped him with his CV.


This led to three job offers, including an offer for a business administration apprenticeship with the college’s Foundation Learning Department.


Mr Mogg said: “My life felt a lot better when I left the fast food place. I felt like I didn’t belong there and could use my skills better elsewhere.


“My time at Curo was a big help, my colleagues were there for me from the moment I started and that’s what I needed at the time.


“I’m also grateful for the help from Bath College. I learned new interview techniques to use in my interviews, and that’s what helped me get three job offers.”


Bath College’s Foundation Learning Department caters for students with learning difficulties and disabilities who want to learn to live independently.


When Mr Mogg started work at Curo he was struggling with some aspects of everyday living, such as being able to cook.


He received support from Curo to get him ready for a full-time job and had help filling out an application for a rented property of his own.


Having overcome a number of obstacles in his personal life, Mr Mogg is looking forward to offering support to students enrolling at Bath College.


He said: “I went for the apprenticeship because I knew I would be working somewhere I could support people with learning disabilities.


“I’m helping students with more or less similar disabilities to what I have, I’m believed to have autism and a bit of dyslexia, so I can relate to them.


“I know it’s not easy having autism and dyslexia. I managed to overcome autism a lot, but in school I wasn’t communicating with anyone.


“I’ve got my life together a lot more. Ten years ago I would have thought ‘I can’t do that’, but now I know it’s possible.”


Lisa Quayle runs Curo’s accredited work placement programme.


She said: “James’s confidence increased dramatically over the time he spent with Curo and his ability to use feedback and improve his employability has helped him to secure not just one, but three job offers.”


Vicky Hunt, who managed Mr Moggs during his time with Curo, said: “The team were sad to see him go, however we were all over the moon that another organisation had seen his potential and that he could secure himself such a great opportunity for the future.”


Barney Willis, Head of Department for Services to Business at Bath College, said: “James has had quite a difficult journey through life.


“He had to tackle things like presentation, getting into a routine and turning up on time. He worked with our placement coordinator Katie Constantine to get an apprenticeship and was amazingly successful.


“It’s a great outcome for him.”


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