Bath College is the largest provider of apprenticeships in Bath


Information for Apprentices

Whether you are looking for a job that enables you to carry on learning, or are already in employment and want to gain further qualifications, an Apprenticeship could be the option for you. This section contains all the necessary information to help you make an informed decision.

Information for Apprentices


Information for Employers

Apprenticeships can make your organisation more effective, productive and competitive by addressing your skills gaps directly. They are designed to help your employees reach a high level of competency and performance. With over 180 different Apprenticeship frameworks available across 80 different industry sectors, there’s bound to be a place for an apprentice in your organisation.

Information for Employers The Apprenticeship Levy


Information for Parents

There is plenty of handy information in this parents pack, provided by National Apprenticeship Service.

Apprenticeships Parent Pack


Apprenticeship Vacancies

Bath College is the main provider of apprenticeships in the area. These pages are updated regularly so please add it to your favourites and keep checking them.

Apprenticeship Vacancies


International Student David Mateer Apprenticeships
Taking an apprenticeship has definitely been the right decision for me and it is something that I would recommend to other people starting out in their careers.


Developing your Career

See how Charlotte has moved from a business admin to a higher level accounting apprenticeship and become a valued member of the accounts team.  This route has enabled her to study whilst gaining experience in different areas of accounts with the career aim of becoming a chartered accountant.



More Information

For more information about apprenticeships visit either of these sites.

www.apprenticeships.gov.uk www.gov.uk


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