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Students at Bath College chilled out and listened to live music at a Pride Day held to mark the start of LGBT History Month.
Equality and Diversity officer George Friend organised the lunchtime event with the help of Bath College’s Student Union team.
Student chaplain Rob Popejoy also held sessions on the ‘conversation couch’, offering people the chance to chat informally.
George, 18, said: It’s really great to get people down here. There’s no judgement, which is brilliant, because sometimes people are scared about coming out and communicating with other gay and lesbian people.
“I’m gay myself and everyone I know is very welcoming about it, but I know there’s a lot of people who can’t come out to their friends and family because they’re scared about what people will think.
“It’s so important that people know about who you are as a person.”


The Mayor of Bath Will Sandry supported the event by visiting and speaking about the importance of tackling inequality.
He said: “I’ve come to support the pride event, it’s as simple as that. Unfortunately we still have a problem with BIRDS.
“BIRDS are not the seagulls we have in Bath, it’s bullying, isolation, rejection, discrimination and stigma.
“Where we have a society where that still happens we need these events, because until every young person is happy about who they are we still have work to do.”

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