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Students at Bath College were left feeling inspired after a trip to Real World Studios, when they had the chance to record their own music.

Musicians and songwriters at the college spent a week at Peter Gabriel’s studios in Box – one of the best places to record music in the world.

Level 3 students studying music technology, music performance, and music production are busy producing end of year portfolios.

They had the chance to tour the studios and recorded their music in the main studio, used by famous pop stars and music directors.


Music technology student Nico Prommer, 19, has been at Bath College for two years and said the trip was one of the highlights.

He said: “I’ve seen pictures of it, so I knew it was a big studio, but the amount of gear they have in here is fantastic.

“We’ve had a look around and we’ve been to see Peter Gabriel’s studio. In here it’s pretty modern, but in there it’s pretty old school.
“I’m excited to hear how my music sounds when it’s played. I could imagine someone famous coming here.”

Student Ben Rabbitts, 17, from Bath, said: “It’s kind of intense when you’re in the booth. You can’t hear anything, but you know everyone is listening.
“It was a great experience to do what I do in a professional studio – now I’ve rapped in a room used by Kayne West.

“I’m grateful to the college for helping us come here.”

Bath College tutor Mark Smithers said: “It’s one of the best studios in the world, the Quantum of Solace soundtrack was recorded here. I think they’re just in awe, they’re very impressed.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity, they’re meeting with world-class sound engineers and learning how to use state of the art equipment.”

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