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Bath College works with over 260 businesses, who employ over 450 apprentices, making it the largest provider of apprenticeships in the Bath and North East Somerset area.
 Liz Doughty is studying at the college and working for the Bath Vet Group. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on her time as an apprentice.
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How did you secure an apprenticeship?
I got a job as a kennel assistant at the Bath Vet Group. They were advertising for a trainee to study veterinary nursing and because of my age (and the way the funding worked) they put me onto an apprenticeship.
What do you enjoy about your apprenticeship?
Doing an apprenticeship is fun way to study. There’s a lot of pressure, but you’re not sat in a classroom all the time. I like working at the same time as studying, it helps you apply what you’ve learnt. You can relate what you’ve learnt to the animals you’re working with.
What have you learnt during your apprenticeship?
It’s a very intense course (the amount they pack into the two years) but our tutor at Bath College has been amazing. I have had a lot of support and I get on with the rest of the group.
We have just finished studying anatomy and physiology. I like doing the operations at work. I like preparing the animal for the operation, doing the anaesthetic and watching the vet complete the operation. I find that really interesting now I know how things work and what I’m looking at.
How has your apprenticeship helped you?
It’s given me a route into the career I wanted. I didn’t think it was possible before, but now I can see what I want to do for the rest of my working life.
What’s the best bit about your chosen career?
I worked in rescue care before and found it really rewarding. It’s the care and the healthcare that you’re able to give to the animals. You get really nice people and owners. Some can be difficult, but that just comes with the job. They care so much about their animals they can get emotional. Communication with owners is a big thing and very important.
Do you have any tips for someone looking for an apprenticeship?
I had an interview for my apprenticeship and I got a phone call the next day. I think some people find it more difficult to get an apprenticeship, but I found it quite easy. It helps to do a job in a veterinary practice beforehand and it helps to do a veterinary assistant course at college. I’d recommend getting a job in a practice (even if it’s just work experience) so they can see how hard-working you are.


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