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Students had the chance to network with top employers at the launch of the Bath College Academy of Business.


The academy is a new venture set up to get students ready for working in business by giving them access to industry experts.


A number of companies have already signed up to offer work placements, company visits, student mentoring and business talks.

The launch event, held in the Futures Hub at Bath College, was a chance for employers to meet students studying business first-hand.


Jon Domaille, Head of Department for Business, Media, Music and Performing Arts, said: “The evening was a massive success and we are delighted with the support and interest that we have received from local organisations.


“It was so exciting to see our students already mixing so confidently with employers at the launch event.


“The students are certainly excited about the opportunities that the academy will present them with and they were inspired by the evening.


“The event was exactly what we want the academy to be about – employers and students communicating and working together.”


Students are already working with Bath-based predictive people analytics software company Cognisess.


The company, whose software provides analytics for recruiters and companies, will be measuring students’ personal development throughout their time at college.


CEO and founder Chris Butt said: “Job retention is a big issue for both employers and job seekers alike. The cost of not finding the right job or career is significant for all parties.


“The primary aim of the college is to develop the talents of its students in order to help them achieve successful and fulfilling careers.


“To fulfil this vision, Bath College is developing deeper and more strategic links with over 30 local partners who are all essential to ensuring students have the best chance of finding the right path into employment.


“As a strategic partner, and using our Cognisess Deep Learn software, we will work with students to raise self-awareness and improve employability skills by providing sophisticated career and job matching tools.”


Professor Georgina Andrews, Head of the Bath Business School at Bath Spa University, attended the launch evening and also spoke to business students volunteering at the event.


She said: “I think it’s a great idea benefitting both groups of students. Students at Bath College will learn from our university students, and they will benefit from sharing their skills and experience.


“Bath Spa University is already a partner with the college, so this is a good way we can extend that link.”


To offer your support with the Bath College Academy of Business e-mail Lucy.Beattie@bathcollege.ac.uk.


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