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Last September we interviewed Katie – a level 3 student studying music performance. We’re following Katie throughout the year to find out what students enjoy about life at Bath College. This week, we caught up with Katie to find out how the new term is going.
Welcome back after the Christmas break! How have you found your first two terms as a second year at Bath College?
We were quite busy in the run-up to Christmas. We had a lot of assignments in the last two weeks of term, which had to be done just before Christmas.
We start our Final Major Project in the next couple of months. That’s quite an important assignment. It’s about proving we can work on our own. We can ask our tutors questions, but it’s our choice what we do for the project and there’s a lot more freedom. Everyone seems keen and people have already thought about what they’d like to do.
What have your highlights been for this year so far?
One of the highlights so far has been employability week. We had a music therapist come in and he could see I was interested in music therapy. He’s going to ask if I can visit him at Three Ways School. That would be really good experience, just to sit and watch some of the sessions.
How about your role as equality and diversity officer for the students’ union – how has this been going?
I went to an equality and diversity meeting, and a health and safety staff meeting. They were talking about the ID badges, the security system and the online health and safety course for staff. I was asked to talk about my idea about an online support group for students. I wasn’t expecting to be asked about it, and I ended up pitching it to people I’d never met before, but it went down well.
We had an SU trampolining trip, which was exhausting. I thought an hour wouldn’t be enough, but after 20 minutes we had to sit down again! It was a good chance for us to get to know each other. I’m planning motivation week and mental health awareness week. We have an idea to do a ‘body love’ sofa – you cover it with a big white sheet and get people to write one thing they like about themselves and one thing they don’t. The idea is to get people talking.
Are new students getting involved with the Students’ Union?
People are starting to engage and answer things like ‘question of the month’. Because there’s more of us than last year, people are used to seeing us and they are more likely to answer and fill things out. We have our new Change It website. It’s a good idea and if students don’t want to talk to us, they can still submit their ideas online.
Can you tell us more about applying for university?
I’ve sent off my UCAS form to apply for university. I’ve applied to study at Keele, Luton, Bedfordshire and Bath Spa University. Keele is my first choice.
We went to an open day and we intended to be there for three hours, but we were there for the whole day – I didn’t want to leave! The accommodation was affordable and I can take my car and park it for free, so it seems like the perfect place.
I’ve applied to study psychology at university. After studying a music BTEC, it isn’t the easiest route, but that’s what you need to become a music therapist. I had to explain this on my personal statement. I have as much music background as I need, but I need the scientific qualifications and hopefully they will see that when they read my application.
When I started this course, I had no idea I would end up applying to university for psychology, but when I spoke to the lecturers at Keele they said your personal statement is the important thing. They seemed to understand that people change their minds and decide to do something different.
What about life after Bath College – do you have any plans after finishing?
Leaving college will be quite difficult. There’s so many people I know that I can speak to (my teachers and the SU team) but when I go to university I won’t know anyone. I’ll be leaving that comfortable environment behind and I’ve never been out of Bath for a long period of time (other than on holiday). Everyone is going off to do their own thing, which is nice, but we won’t be in the same place anymore.
I have booked a three-day ticket to watch motorbike racing in the Netherlands. I wanted to do it while I had the chance and I leave the day after my course finishes. I have my own bike and I have always loved watching motorbike racing.

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