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Photos by Kyle Blackwell
Students at Bath College found out about American culture and what it’s like to conduct business abroad during a trip to New York.
A group of first year students studying international business spent four days in New York and, for many, it was their first visit to America.
The group visited famous landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, the World Trade Centre and the 9/11 Memorial.

They learnt how to use the city’s transport system, travelling by taxi and taking the subway, and went ice skating in Central Park.
The group were given a tour of the United Nations Headquarters and New York’s famous department store Macy’s.
Student Matt Newberry said: “We found out how they advertise and market clothes, and they explained how the different sections change in colour and style from men’s to women’s.
“Everything is different in America and happens on a much bigger scale. It’s all about mass marketing, they have massive billboards everywhere and everyone is trying to make you spend more.”
The international business course at Bath College looks at how business needs can be affected by international markets, and cultural and political climates.
As part of the course, students are given the opportunity to travel abroad to visit companies and experience first-hand how they conduct business, marketing and event management.

Student Sam Robbins said: “I’m glad I chose to study international business. With other courses, you’re setting out on a particular pathway.
“Business can open doors for you, you can do a lot with a business course. I want to do well in my career so I can travel to places like New York.”
Louise said: “For the students, the experience of going to New York was both exciting and interesting.
“The students are on the international business course, so it is imperative that they experience business and culture in other countries.
“The highlights were definitely the business tour around the largest story in the world (Macy’s) and, of course, the Statue of Liberty.
“The students were fabulous and were a credit to the college, this won’t be the last time our students visit new York!”

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