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You’ve spent months studying for your exam and now it’s the day before. Now is the time to show what you’ve learned, so keep focused and read our tips to help you do your best. Good luck to everyone sitting exams this year – we hope it goes well. 
1. Check the venue and time of the exam the day before to make sure that you have not confused the day/time/venue.
2. Get a good night’s sleep. Feeling refreshed and awake will help you more than a last minute, all night revision cramming session

3. Have a balanced breakfast and eat nothing risky (probably not the best day to have a super-hot curry!)
4. Before leaving home, check that you have everything that you will need – ID, stationery, calculator, etc.
5. Head to the exam with plenty of time. A lot of unexpected events can happen on your way there and you do not want to be late!
6. Read all the instructions and questions carefully at least twice before starting and plan how much time to allocate to each.

7. Start answering the questions that you feel most confident about. There is no need to answer the questions in order.
8. Don’t spend more time than you planned on a particular section/question or you might run out of time to answer other questions and gain those extra marks
9. Use every minute of the exam and if you have time left, review your answers before handing back the paper.
10. Stay calm and think positive, you have done your revision and have nothing to fear!
11. Reward yourself. If you have more exams to complete, spend some time relaxing before you hit the revision books again.


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