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Music students at Bath College have been working with football fan Carole Banwell on an unusual and quirky project.
The students are helping Carole, General Manager at Bath City FC, to record a song in German ahead of the country’s FA cup final.
They hope that the song, dedicated to SG Eintracht Frankfurt, will catch the attention of German football fans on social media and wider afield.
Bundesliga club SG Eintracht Frankfurt are playing rivals Borussia Dortmund in the final in Berlin on May 27.
Carole, who was appointed General Manager of Bath City FC in April, was an Eintracht Frankfurt season ticket holder when she lived in Germany in the 90s.
She said: “Eintracht and Bath City both play in black and white stripes and the song is Bath City’s gesture of fan friendship from one black and white striped club to another!”
Level 3 music performance students Harry Cook, Michael Dance, Cameron Webb, Penelope Harris and Arron Francis wore black and white Bath City FC scarves to record the song in the music studio at Bath College.
The lyrics, written by Carole, talk about the team heading to the Olympic Stadium in Berlin and how they should feel confident about lifting the trophy.

Music tutor Tim Goode said: “Studying music at Bath College is all about engaging in industry and learning how to work to industry briefs. The students were asked to create a high-quality product in a short amount of time, which is what you have to provide in industry every day.
“It’s been a great experience for them and they have worked hard to complete the project. My knowledge of German football is limited, but I wish Eintracht Frankfurt all the best in the final. I have a writing credit, so if it all goes well you may see me on my private island in the Bahamas!”
Carole said: “Eintracht Frankfurt are my German team, so I was delighted when they made it to the final of the competition. Bath City FC has been doing quite a bit of engagement work with the college recently and we hope to continue this as the club settles into its new position as a community-owned club and looks to engage with the wider community.”

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  1. Dominic Weiss

    This is brilliant. I’m an Oldham Athletic supporter and we have a long standing friendship with Eintracht Frankfurt and in April our fan club was given official recognition, making us the first official English fan club. Our lads will share this video with our friends over in Frankfurt and hopefully it will get seen by more Frankfurt supporters.


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