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IT students had the chance to develop their public speaking skills as part of a challenge set by members of the Bath Rotary Club.

The Level 1 and Level 2 students were asked to choose from a range of projects to research, prepare and present.

All speakers were given ten minutes and were marked by judges looking for logical, coherent and enthusiastic presentations.


The winning team

The judging panel included Richard Bush and John Harney, from the Bath Rotary Club, and Daisy Walsh, Head of Technology at Bath College.

Presentations ranged from looking at public transport in Bath to helping the elderly, homelessness and playing equipment for young children.

George Booth and Zachary Thomas were chosen as the winners after producing a new idea for a flat pack climbing frame.

Students also received feedback on their presentation skills from judges, including making eye contact and selling their ideas.

IT lecturer David Wills said: “The students gained experience and confidence in speaking in front of an audience, overcoming barriers such as shyness and stepping outside of their comfort zone.”

Rotarian Donald Gorrie said: “We wanted to work with students in the college to get them up in front of an audience speaking and presenting, just to give them a chance to express themselves.

“The Bath Rotary Club is a broad church in terms of the young people that we work with, but we’re keen to go into the local community and pass on our knowledge and skills. It’s what the Rotary Club is all about.”

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